Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 6-18-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 6/18/19

Show Topics:

  • The show started off with a mini argument with Rich and Covino. Covino believes Rich is extremely condescending when they carpool in the morning when he says. “What you got?” Then Rich backfires with Covino being the most disorganized person ever, not knowing when his flight his, what airlines he’s flying and what hotel he is staying at in New York.
  • Spots wife Kristin told Rich that this past weekend he was out all night hanging with his yoga friends, playing board games and drinking. Rich and Covino are upset because Spot didn’t even share this story with the group. Also, the guys believe that this is not a good move for Spot. This is usually the start of something terrible happening.
  • Rich joined a new softball team and realized that this new team is full of a bunch of lame people. He doesn’t want to play with them anymore cause he doesn’t vibe with them. He is comparing it to when you date a new girl; and you don’t like their friends or family. Is that a deal breaker?
  • Rich believes that it is super important that you like your significant others family and friends. Covino believes that it shouldn’t matter if he doesn’t like her friends, it is not a deal breaker for him.
  • Sara, Rich’s wife, made him cancel movie tickets because it was at a theatre with non-recliner seats. What other things can you not go back on? Covino says TV and booty size. Others say shlong size, vacations, toilet paper, so much!! Someone even called in and said he likes his fancy doorknobs and will never go back. There are certain things in life that you can never go back on.
  • Friend in Need; Alice in the Bay Area. Alice is dating an older guy with three children that she is protective of. She met her when she was 5 and now she is in her mid 20s. Daughter came to Alice saying that her dads friend who is 45 with a wife is kids is messaging her completely inappropriately. Alice went to her boyfriend and he didn’t think much of it. Alice doesn’t know if she should tell his wife or what move she should make!