Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 6-17-19

Covino & Rich— Monday, 6/17/19

Show Topics:

  • Happy Father’s Day to All the fathers out there! Do fathers get sensitive if they don’t get greeted on father’s day? Should single mothers be recognized on Father’s Day?
  • There was a Friend in need in regards to father’s day. This listener reached out and wanted advice. He wants a relationship with his father but he lives three hours away and his own kids get car sick easily. He feels like he is always putting in the effort and his father doesn’t. His father constantly confronts him and makes him feel guilty about not reaching out more. He is depressed about this and wants a relationship with his father but doesn’t know what to do.
  • New movie and show update. Jo Koy’s “Coming in Hot” Netflix special is hilarious. Also, “Murder Mystery” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is a must watch. There is also a new show on comedy central called “Alterino with Arturo Castro.”
  • Covino’s weekend update. In conclusion, the car fiasco was not a scam for the $100 he paid. This Sunday, Covino and Melody enjoyed Father’s Day together. He took her to brunch, the mall and then a bike ride. When Covino woke up the next morning, Melody’s bike was sadly stolen. He is furious with the security at his apartment complex and is demanding cameras!
  • Tomorrow Rich’s episode of the “Price is Right” airs tomorrow. He wasn’t chosen has a contestant but tried hard to be in the camera shots. Luckily the sassy black gay guy behind him was chosen and he got in the shot! Will he be on the episode? We will find out tomorrow.
  • In the world of Sports: USA beat Chile 3-0. Anthony Davis has been traded to the Lakers. Tyson Fury defeats Tom Schwartz in heavyweight title. After Fury wins he starts to sing Aerosmith. Covino and Rich recently met him and believe he’s a great fighter and stand-up guy but some think otherwise. Fury has previously made homophobic comments. Gay sports reporter, Israel Gutierrez came out with an emotional statement regarding Fury’s homophobia. Is Fury a bad guy and should be judged for what he said years ago?
  • Rich is still upset about the iced coffee debate last Friday. In summary, Nick Van Exel went to twitter about his new love for iced coffee. He said he is mad at people for not introducing it to him but he forgives us because it is so good. Rich believes that iced coffee was popularized just recently, but everyone else disagrees. Will this iced coffee debate ever come to rest?!