Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 6-13-19

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 6/13/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino tried to get in contact with his doctors several times. He was put on hold for 15 minutes and then the phone line was cut out because the office closed. He left several sweet messages but now he left a nasty message. The doctors finally returned his call and the moral of the story is; sometimes you need to be an asshole to get what you want. Kindness will not always get you respect. If you are too nice and too willing, you will be walked all over.
  • Saint Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup in game 7 but they were not the only winners. 11 year old super fan Laila Anderson who is suffering from a rare disease was invited to the game in Boston last night and was also invited on the ice to carry the Stanley Cup trophy.
  • Game 6 Warriors and the Raptors is tonight! KD will not be playing due to an Achilles injury. He will most likely not be playing for the next year, but teams still want him and are willing to pay 40 million just so they can have dibs when he is better (which won’t be for another year!)
  • Rich is looking forward to celebrate the Fourth of July in Texas which is a tradition for him and his family. He is excited to make his “dicky doodle dandies” which is a Jell-o shot inside of a strawberry that is drenched in vodka. Several listeners called in and suggested recipe and vodka selections.
  • Some people don’t believe in life insurance; they think it’s a scam. For people who get life insurance for an older family member, is it bad karma? There are two different types: term and whole life. Term is when you buy it for example 60 to 80. If that person doesn’t die within that time frame, you don’t get the payout. What a weird concept betting against a family members life, is that weird karma? Life insurance is coverage all the way up to 100 years old, but there is a higher monthly cost.
  • Covino goes through at least 5 pieces of silverware each day. His girlfriend Jordan somehow makes  it through the whole set of 46 in a day and a half. Do girls just use a different fork for each bite?
  • In Covino’s new keto-diet he wonders if all the sacrifices he’s making is worth it. He is cutting out carbs and sugar and sees differences and believes it is worth it. On the other hand he sees people go to the gym every day and not make any progress and doesn’t think that is all worth it.