Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 6-12-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 6/12/19


Show Topics:

  • The big story of the day is still Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury from Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday. Wanda Durant was on GMA to talk about the injury, and how her son will overcome it to be back at his full potential. One thing is clear though, KD should’ve listened to his body when it was telling him it wasn’t ready to play yet. This injury will stick with him for the rest of his professional career, and could even come back to haunt him later in life too.
  • Covino understands what Gwyneth Paltrow means when she says that she and Chris Martin are at a place where even though they’re divorced then can still be around each other, but he doesn’t agree with it. As someone who went through a divorce himself, Covino knows just how rough the whole process can be, and what it’s like to never want to see someone again. Paltrow made it seem like anyone could do this type of thing, but for some it seems impossible. Just because a divorce is finalized doesn’t mean you’re totally free of that person. If you have kids with them you’ll be stuck with them for the rest of your life.
  • Rich has a new financial challenge that he’s throwing out to the listeners, and it has to do with finances. Do you think you could cut all your excess spending out for a month? It would show what you really need in life, as well as what you can cut out as frivolous spending. A lot of listeners seem to think they could play along with this too, but have doubts that Rich will follow through. Is a ‘Financial Challenge’ going to be in the works for the guys in the near future?
  • Spot used a word yesterday that both Rich and Covino think was out of place. It had to do with an event they were trying to plan in the upcoming weeks, and was with another company outside of SiriusXM. Spot used the phrase ‘hit a snag’ in his official email to the other company when he realized he had to cancel the event as a whole. Was that the right word to use, or was it poorly placed? The guys seem to think that it eludes to trying to fix a problem, but there was no way of fixing this cancellation.