Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 6-10-19

Covino & Rich— Monday, 6/10/19

Show Topics:

  • The big question of the day in the sports world is will Kevin Durant play in tonight’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals? The superstar injured his calf during a game back in May, and has yet to return to the court. Durant was seen at workouts over the past few days, and has been listed as questionable leading up to game day. Many are thinking that if Durant does play he could be a game changer for the Golden State Warriors. If he doesn’t play though, is it the same win for the Raptors?
  • Rich got his first ever fade on Friday, and it’s been all anyone can talk about for the entire weekend. The look works for him, but he said he did it more for camaraderie with the ESPN crew than from actual peer pressure from everyone. He decided to go to Covino’s barber to get the fade done, and found out that Covino is the most picky person ever when it comes to his haircuts. Also, the place isn’t necessarily a barbershop, so Rich feels like all the pressure that was put on him for going to the salon was a little unwarranted. The barbershop conversation leads into a discussion of how much barbers really make? Is it a lucrative career? Or does it take a lot of hustle and work to get anywhere in the industry?
  • Going off the barbershop conversation, how much do people who are paid predominantly in cash report on their taxes? Do those type of decisions effect you when you apply for a mortgage? They usually ask for a ‘cash trail’ when you apply for a mortgage and show a lot of earnings in cash. It’s to protect from people using illegally earned money to buy property. Rich thinks that it’s just asking for trouble down the line, but according to multiple listeners it’s an effective way to get a mortgage loan.
  • Would you ever blame your parents for your genetics? It’s clear that some people just have better genetics than others, but can you really blame your family for those types of things? With hair loss, the myth has always been that if your mother’s father was bald you would be too. Is that type of ‘unavoidable’ problem able to solely be blamed on genetics?
  • In the world of random news, Henry Cejudo won another title this weekend, and is now calling himself Triple C, as a play on the GGG hype. Rich watched Cobra Kai after everyone one else recommended it and loved it. He finds himself really hating Daniel LaRusso as a character now, which is exactly what the series wants you to feel.  Covino watched a few episodes of ‘Black Mirror’ and enjoyed them as well. The series is still finding a way to create twisted stories based on tech, and somehow they’re getting more and more realistic. David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic over the weekend, and is now in stable condition. There’s a new feature coming to Facebook called the ‘Secret Crush’ which could prove to be a game changer in the world of online dating. Covino scraped his car on a pole this weekend and now has to find somewhere to get it buffed out.