Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 6-7-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 6/7/19


Hilary Swank

Show Topics:

  • In terms of TV shows and movies to watch, there’s quite a bit of new content on all the streaming platforms right now. Ali Wong’s new movie ‘Always Be My Maybe’ features a hilarious role played by Keanu Reeves. Turns out he didn’t sleep for five days before filming it, but once he was on set everyone loved him. The other popular series that just released a batch of new episodes is the Netflix hit ‘Black Mirror’. The series focuses on the turmoil’s of technology and how it’s ruining our lives.  These three episodes deal with topics that are very realistic and current though, according to Jake who has already watched all three. Rich has some catching up to do on the series, but hopes to get it all done this weekend while he has some down time.
  • Bradley Cooper and his wife Irina Shayk are calling it quits after four years together, and the guys have a theory that it could have something to do with the on-screen chemistry Cooper had with his ‘A Star Is Born’ co-star Lady Gaga. The sparks were clearly there between the two of them, but if Cooper wants to make a move he may need to wait a bit before doing so. All of this is simply speculation right now, but if it turns out to be true it could make Bradley look like a bit of a jerk, plus it doesn’t seem like a totally legitimate reason to end a marriage either.
  • In the world of random news, there’s a video of Pete Rose describing his experience of traveling to Vietnam with Joe DiMaggio back during the Vietnam war. He claims that he had to give DiMaggio a shower during their time together, and described him as a ‘penis with a man attached to it’. The Jeopardy contestant who was nearing Peter Jennings big record winnings finally lost the other night. The questions he got wrong all had to do with pop culture though, which shows that while you can be very book smart, you also need the pop culture/street smarts at times in life too.
  • Hilary Swank stops by to hang out with the guys and talk about her new movie ‘I Am Mother’ on Netflix. She is a two time Academy Award winning actress, but seems very down to earth to the guys. It’s always great to see a celebrity who doesn’t let fame go to their head too. The new film deals with technology, and a girl growing up in a post-apocalyptic world. Swank plays one of the last remaining survivors of the human race, who attempts to save the young girl from her robot ‘mother’. The movie actually looks really great, and the guys are excited to watch this weekend.
  • Rich is headed to the barbershop today to finally get his first ever fade and the guys are excited. He has to go for it fully though, and not chicken out at the last minute. Rich says that if the look works for him he’ll stick with it from now on, but if it doesn’t he’ll just let it grow back in for the next month. Either way, as of this afternoon the ‘No Fade Crew’ will officially be done.