Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 6-6-19

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 6/6/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino has a dilemma from yesterday and it has to do with something that happened to Jordyn. She was dropping her car off at a friend’s place and while she was parking another car came up and pulled in front of her. She thought nothing of it at the time, but when she came back out to her car later on she saw that there was what appeared to be a ticket on her dashboard. It turned out to be a Note from the driver of the other car telling her how beautiful she was and asking her to reach out if she was interested in going out sometime. Jordyn feels like she should reach out to the guy and tell him thank you but she has a boyfriend. Covino feels the complete opposite though, and thinks she should totally ignore this. Rich was on board with reaching out to the guy, until he found out that the note was not handwritten, but typed out and printed. Is this the ultimate creep move, or is it just a case of a nice guy trying to go the extra mile to impress a pretty girl?
  • Covino brought in a few photo albums today, to show off some of his best throwback photos. Everyone from Kevin Bacon to David Lee Roth is in there, but looking at the photos makes Covino feel a bit nostalgic. It reminds him of the life he’s lived and all the interesting things he’s already done so far. Rich says that for him the Facebook Memories feature has the same effect. He checks it almost daily to see if anything of importance happened that day that he should bring up on the show.
  • Rich also has a creepy story today, and it has to do with a follow up to a story that was told a few months ago involving Sara. A woman had approached her at a Target claiming to recognize her from somewhere. She then proceeded to talk with her for around a half hour, and asked for her information because she thought she might have a good job opportunity for her. Sara never really followed up with the woman, but the other day she saw on one of the ‘Mommy Blogs’ she follows, a similar story from another woman in the area. Is this some sort of scam that these people are trying to pull, or worse could it be a sort of human trafficking ring in the Southern California area? Turns out a lot of listeners have had similar experiences, all at Targets across the country, and all have had a similar thought.
  • Was there a kinder way for Covino to have dealt with the guy who approached him on Monday after he ‘California Rolled’ through a stop sign? Or better yet, was there a better way the man could’ve approached Covino after the fact? It seems like if he wanted to get his point across without causing a commotion he could’ve pulled Covino aside and politely asked him to watch next time. Maybe then Steve would’ve taken him a little more seriously.