Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 6-5-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 6/5/19


Show Topics:

  • When you move, a part of you wants to replace everything and start fresh, right? Now that the guys have moved into a brand new state-of-the-art studio, they feel like their show open should probably change again. They’ve had the same open for the show since they moved to Los Angeles, so it may be due for an update soon. When you move into a new place, what do you end up taking with you? Everything that matters, but do you take things like bathroom supplies or linens, or do you buy all new ones for your new place? It doesn’t seem like a major investment to spend $50 on a new set of towels for your bathroom at the least, but apparently a lot of listeners don’t update their linen closet very often. Spot and his wife have two towels only, one for each of them to use, which seems a little strange. Spot is also a robe guy though, but says a fresh robe right out of the shower never feels quite right.
  • Covino had a catastrophe happen yesterday, and it has to do with his brand new couch. After a long day of working both jobs, all Covino wanted to do was sit, relax, and enjoy some television. He made himself a protein smoothie as well, to try and keep things a little healthy. While sitting down on the couch though, he accidentally sat on a phone charger cord, which pulled the end table it was attached to towards him, and spilled his smoothie all over himself and the new couch. He attempted to clean it up straight away, but is worried that there will be a stain or a lingering stench that resides after all is said and done.
  • In the world of random news: there’s a new trend that has apparently started, of men wearing crop tops and tube tops. Is this really a trend, or is it just a clever marketing ploy? It seems like the type of thing Jake or someone his age would wear. Tracy Morgan bought a brand new Bugatti yesterday, and after having it for only a few hours, was already involved in an accident. A woman attempted to turn from the left lane and hit his car in the process. Everyone was alright, but now Morgan has to have the $2 million car fixed. A 74 year old woman was air-rescued from a mountain the other day. In the process something must’ve gone wrong though, because the rescue bed she was on began spinning at almost the same rate as the propellers themselves. Lastly, Dodgers Pitcher Buehler was seen mouthing ‘sit the fuck down’ at a batter he had just struck out. That is the sort of thing baseball needs. The sport as a whole has gone down in popularity, so exciting moments like this can do nothing but help it.
  • Rich wants to know who the people are who actually use the paper toilet seat covers in the restroom. The paper is so thin that it seems like a feeble attempt at protecting you from germs anyways. Wouldn’t you rather have something thicker in-between you and the porcelain anyways, like some toilet paper? Rich doubts that the office goes through more than a few boxes of those as a whole over the year.
  • What is the first thing you check in the morning? Is it your phone, because for Covino it is. He hates how friends and family will text him something like ‘we need to talk’ or ‘call me when you get a chance’ without giving any context as to what it could be about. Tommy does this to him all the time, and it makes him think something has gone wrong at his family’s home in New Jersey or worse.
  • Ariana Grande is every young girls’ icon right now, but are the things Ariana and other artists like her are promoting really the best thing for young girls to strive for? It seems like a lot of her songs promote sex, drugs, and being promiscuous, and it’s training every young girl out there to subconsciously be awful when they reach their 20’s. It’s almost a formula the way the pop music industry portrays these young female artists, and if the pop stars of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s are any example, there’s a rough road ahead for a lot of them.