Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 6-4-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 6/4/19


Alyson Hannigan 

Show Topics:

  • How do famous musicians come up with their signature sound? Covino makes his morning ‘Ooooh’ noise because of Metallica, but how did someone like James Brown find his sound? Covino’s two favorite ‘yeahs’ ever performed on a record are James Jetfield from Metallica and Buck Cherry’s. Newer bands of today are constantly trying to find their sound, but what ends up happening is they simply recreate a sound that they know from bands they grew up listening to. Some other artists with very signature sounds include Shaggy, Lil Jon, and Michael Jackson.
  • Getting old really sucks as a whole. When you start to see some of your favorite musicians and celebs getting old, it starts to put you in your place and you begin to realize that you are not far behind. For Rich and Steve in particular, seeing their kids start to get older really puts the whole aging thing in perspective as well. Emmy is two now, which Rich says went by so quickly. Melody is nine and already developing who she will be as an adult too. Above all else, the guys agree that having kids really puts aging into perspective, because one minute they’re two and barely talking, and the next they’re ten and you can’t shut them up.
  • Rich got a text from Sara asking how everything was going and if he realizes what she deals with on a daily basis now. He doesn’t know how to respond though, because while it was hard to keep Emmy occupied at times over the weekend, he never really ran into any issues that made him consider Sara’s day-to-day schedule too difficult. He doesn’t want to say that though, because he doesn’t want to start any unnecessary fights. As it turns out, Sara and the girls have been listening the whole time in their drive back from Yosemite, and she does not appreciate Rich’s take one bit. She sacrifices a lot of her time so that Rich can go to both SiriusXM and ESPN and work, plus he goes to get massages, plays softball, and more, while she’s back home with Emmy.
  • Covino did a ‘California roll’ at a stop sign yesterday when he was going to pick up Melody from school, and one of the other parents called him out for it. The situation was strange though, because the guy who called him out seemed extra aggravated about it, and Covino thinks it may of come from a place of subtle racism. The guy asked if Covino had a kid that went to the school, which almost seemed like he was implying he wasn’t good enough for it. Now Covino is pissed, and can’t wait to see the guy do the same thing so he can call him out for it too.
  • Alyson Hannigan is here for the first time in over seven years. Rich loved her in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and feels like sort of a fanboy when he’s around her. Covino asks Alyson how she would deal with the difficult parents at her kids school, and she says she wouldn’t. What makes those situations even more awkward is the fact that you have to see those people again and again while your kids still attend the same school. Rich also asks Alyson for her opinion on the whole Dad-weekend situation, and Alyson tells him to play it like it was a disaster without Sara around. You always have to make the mother of your children feel appreciated, especially after she’s just spent a weekend away with her girlfriends gossiping about you. The second season of Alyson’s show ‘Pure’ on WGN America is out now.