Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 6-3-19

Covino & Rich— Monday, 6/3/19

Show Topics:

  • This weekend’s big fight between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua ended in a massive upset when Ruiz won by TKO in the 7th The Mexican fighter was a massive underdog going into Saturday’s main event, but was able to stun both Joshua and the world. By Joshua losing though, it sort of kills any possibility of an ‘Ultimate Fight’ between himself and Deontay Wilder in the near future. Could Joshua also have lost because of the infamous Drake curse? The rapper was cheering for Joshua leading up to the big fight, so maybe the universe intervened and caused the loss.
  • In movie news, Rich says Aladdin wasn’t a bad movie, just different from the original which is what you should have expected. If you’re a fan of Will Smith you should definitely go see it though. Sometimes you see actors do projects like this and you think they’re going to fall flat, but with this the producers knew not to try and recreate the original film, therefore it stands alone as a good movie.
  • Rich has an appointment at the barbershop for later this week and has finally decided to give into the craze and get a fade on the side of his head. He’s never had one done before, mainly because he’s always gone to a salon to get his haircut. Now that he’s actually heading to a barber he is willing to give one a try. How short should he go though? Should he take it all the way down to a one? Or leave it a little longer so it isn’t a jarring change? Either way, the main consensus is that he has to go to a barbershop to have this done, and not Deborah his usual hair dresser.
  • Old Town Road may be the one hit wonder of the year, but Old Juan Road is a much better and funnier version. It seems like everyone is coming out with their own parody versions of the hit single, but Lil Nas X doesn’t seem to mind at all. The more that people keep his song in the spotlight, the money he will be making in the long run. Does this mean that other mainstream artists will team up with 80s musicians to try and create their own crossover hit?
  • Is keeping up with the younger generation in terms of tech and style really important? There’s a challenge on the CARL’s page about things people over the age of 40 do, and most have to do with those two categories. Styling clothes, using a smart phone, knowing the terms younger people use, all of these can help you not only stay in touch with a younger crowd, but also look and feel younger too.