Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 5-31-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 5/31/19

Show Topics:

  • When did Tito’s Vodka become the go-to choice for people around the country? It seems like the company hasn’t been around that long, so for people to be ordering drinks by name, aka Tito’s & Soda, you would think it was more of a long-running brand. Turns out the company was founded in 1997, and gained fame for winning the top prize at a World Vodka competition in San Fran in 2001. From there the company continued to gain notoriety, and now you can enjoy the famous brand at every bar around the country.
  • Yesterday Rich set an alarm on his phone for 9 PM to watch Cobra Kai after he got home from ESPN. He totally forgot about the alarm until it went off while they were filming a segment for Now or Never, but luckily he was able to play it off as if he had done it on purpose. Over at ESPN the guys have begun referring to Rich as being in the ‘NFC’ which stands for ‘No Fade Crew’. He’s the only one on the staff who doesn’t have a short fade on the side of his head, and they love to call him out for it. To get back at them, Rich threw Covino under the bus and showed the staff the picture of his grill on Memorial day, which Covino says was uncalled for.
  • A few months back the listeners caused an uproar because the guys had taken off a few days in a row without any explanation as to why. There was speculation that the show had broken up, but none of it was true. They had taken off because Spot got invited back to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for another chance at the big prize. Going into it the second time, Spot felt a lot more comfortable than before. He was doing well until he got to the $20,000 question which stumped him. It had to do with ammonia, and where it was most commonly used. Even though he got the question wrong, he still walked away with some money though.
  • There was a bachelor party going on in a Las Vegas hotel and the room was blasting Van Halen music. As it just so happened, David Lee Roth happened to be performing at the same hotel that weekend and attempted to pull a fast one on the party goers. He showed up to the room’s door, but the people inside had no idea who he was or why he was knocking on their door. Does that make it even more sad to think that everyone will get to that point one day where the younger generation simply won’t care enough to know who you are?
  • Sara, Kristin, Jordyn, and Shannon are all going away this weekend for a girls ‘glamping’ trip. They are headed up to Yosemite in Northern California, and their packing list includes some pretty heavy duty gear. Sara has been ordering all types of camping equipment, as well as hatchets and safety kits, which would make you think they are headed into the back-country for weeks. In reality they’re staying in a covered wagon, but according to Sara they want to be ready for anything that could happen, including bears, snakes, and even wolves!
  • Why is it that companies love to inconvenience their employees with trivial matters? Spot has been trying to move his desk now since moving into the new office, but has faced a ton of push-back from different bosses. Similarly, when Covino booked his travel to Hawaii, he was guaranteed free baggage check on his United flight. When he arrived at the airport though they tried to charge him for the bags just to inconvenience him. Does this type of thing happen often, and if so, who is really profiting from it?