Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-10-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 11/10/16

Show Topics

  • Politics recap – The guys discuss their frustration about the protesting across the country. C&R think that it’s sore loser mentality and they need to stop thinking that protesting is going to change the fact that Donald Trump is the new president. Rich understands people protesting and rallies for real causes but these protests are ridiculous. They are embarrassed as to how the country is reacting. Spot thinks that it’s the first time millennial liberals had to face a political loss. Both Trump and Hillary supporters call in and share their thoughts and opinions on what is happening in the country right now
  • According to TMZ – there’s $50 million on the table for a Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather fight. Covino thinks that calling that a fight is ridiculous.
  • Rich got into two altercations – Rich went to Beat Bike and the instructor wanted to do the mannequin challenge with her class. An over-ambitious guy at the spin class be still, he doesn’t stop his movement and disregarded the instructor. Rich speaks up to the guy and tells him he needs to stop moving. The over-ambitious guy says he’s there to work out, not to do a mannequin challenge. Rich calls him out in front of the class for ruining it for the class.

  • Rich’s second altercation – He almost got robbed by a homeless women. Rich is walking from Spot’s apartment back to his own apartment and he saw a beat up truck with two girls in it that look like they’re homeless. The girls stop him and ask him if they could borrow his phone. Rich saw a phone in their car so he asks what’s wrong with their phone. They say it’s broken, so Rich offers to dial the number. They reach out to try to grab his phone, Rich pulls back and says he’ll dial it. They kind of freak out and end up pulling away.
  • News Alerts – fellatio prosthetic for women to put in their mouth, it’s essentially a retainer that’s molded. Vegan mother drinks smoothies that have sperm in them to boost immunity, celebrities that say they are leaving the U.S., there is a subculture of people called “reborning,” they purchase lifelike dolls that often resemble people that have died