Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 5-29-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 5/29/19


Matt Iseman 

Show Topics:

  • When exactly did yoga pants become the new female uniform? It seems like everywhere you look there are more and more women casually walking around in leggings and yoga pants to do day-to-day tasks. What was the common outfit before the yoga pant revolution of the 2010’s? Was it baggy jeans and sweatshirts, or were skinny jeans a trend before that? If you look back at the parent’s generation it was common to see women walking around in Mu-mu’s and dresses, and now you can see cheek outline everywhere you look!
  • There’s a viral video going around of a young girl telling her mother that ‘Jasmine didn’t need Aladdin to show her the world because she could just go see it for herself’ and the internet seems to be up in arms over it. Will Smith re-posted the video to his own Instagram, and everyone seems to be supportive of this little girl, but the guys have a few questions. Why is it that men are all portrayed as dopes in today’s world? The point of Aladdin taking the princess out of the castle was because she was locked up by her father, not to try and prove that he was more machismo than anyone else. It seems like the feminist’s movement of the last few years has taken things a bit too far, to the point that they want men to seem obsolete. Why can’t there be an even separation between the two instead of just praising one and shaming the other? Taylor Swift is also in the news for a similar reason; she shut down a reporter who asked her if she was thinking of having kids soon now that she is 30. Swift called the question sexist, and said that men never have to deal with those types of questions, but that may be because men and women have different biological clocks. If Swift wants to have kids, she may need to start thinking and planning it sooner rather than later.
  • In the world of random news, a man was banned for life from a gym because he was caught masturbating on the gym floor. Similarly, another man was fired from his job for masturbating in the public bathroom. Isn’t it sort of common sense that you shouldn’t do that in certain situations? It almost seems as if they were asking to be caught, given the fact that it was in areas where people were all around them.
  • There a new trend on Instagram called the ‘deep fake’ and it has to do with using AI to superimpose someone’s face over your own and then record yourself speaking in their voice. Bill Hader did this on Conan with an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, and Jordan Peele released a video where he used the software to do an impression of Barack Obama. Is this a dangerous software for the public to have? It seems like anyone could take on someone else’s identity and make them say whatever they wanted to.
  • Matt Iseman is here to promote the upcoming 11th season of American Ninja Warrior. It’s crazy to think that a competition show like this has lasted for over a decade, but it’s because the family’s that watch and the competitors who participate are so heavily involved, that they want to see the show as a whole succeed. Obviously the show pulls a lot from the personal stories of the competitors, but that’s because the stories are what hook people into watching the show. Iseman loves hosting the show, and hopes to do it for as long as he can.
  • Rob Lowe is in the news because he made a joke about Prince William losing his hair. The joke went along the lines of ‘if you’re the Prince, and about to become the King of England, shouldn’t you be able to keep your hair with some basic management? Now Lowe is facing backlash from fans of the Royal Family who say that his ‘playful remarks’ were insulting to the royals, and that he should apologize for any offense he may have caused.