Covino & Rich Show Recap – Tuesday 5-28-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 5/28/19


Show Topics:

  • Are there a lot of comedians and actors who don’t get the credit they are due in the industry? It seems like anyone can make it if they are willing to sell themselves out in a way, but the celebrities who stay true to their art don’t see the same recognition. Why is it that stars like Chevy Chase and Steve Martin got so much comedic credit, but someone like Martin Short or Dana Carvey fell to the side? They were all popular at the same time, but some may of just had a bit more of a ‘star presence’. Similarly today, why is it that songs like ‘Old Town Road’ seem to be getting all the airtime, and songs written by more established artists get little to none? Is it all just a popularity contest?
  • Rich was in Las Vegas this weekend, and made a lot of observations for the show. Is Fremont Street where all of the trash of the Earth go to meet up? Rich spent a few hours wandering around and noticed that the people who go there are all ‘creatures’. That’s where you’ll find the street performers who really couldn’t quite cut it at any of the hotels or casinos. In Vegas, there are two classy spots that seem to stand out above the rest; the Bellagio and the Cosmo. That’s where everyone goes to get the appearance of the ‘high life’ and take Fancy photos that will look like they had a ‘baller weekend’. In reality, the only reason to go to those places though is maybe for a nice drink where you dress up a bit, otherwise you can pay half the price anywhere else on the Strip.
  • While in Vegas Rich went to a Circ du Soleil show with some friends and was chosen as the audience participant in that night’s performance. They brought Rich onto the stage and made him do a little dance, then locked him in a crate as if a part of a magic trick. Afterwards, the performer went down into the audience and pretended to have a nice drink with Sara, all while Rich watched hopelessly from the stage. Is it totally typical of Rich to get picked for something like this and not tell the guys?
  • A story came out over the weekend of a woman who was found after being lost in the jungles of Hawaii for over two weeks. Amanda Ellar went missing after deciding to take a hike alone without her cell phone. She ended up getting lost along the path, and wasn’t able to find her way back to civilization. What makes the story even more shocking is that Covino was just in Hawaii and saw signs all over the place about this missing woman. The fact that she had the resilience to survive on nothing but moths and berries for over two weeks is amazing though.
  • Over the weekend Covino posted a photo of himself grilling for Memorial Day, and it’s the weakest meal ever. Basically on the grill was two hot dogs, a piece of chicken, and four broccoli florets, which Covino says was because it was just him and Melody eating. Do guys take too much pride in grilling? It seems like it’s the male equivalent of a girl doing a makeup tutorial.