Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 5-24-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 5/24/19

Guests:  Chelsea Handler

Show Topics:

  • Today’s big fight is over the microphones in the brand new studios. We’ve been in the new building for about a month, and one of the first things the guys noticed is that the mics seem to need some adjusting. Every time one of them laugh or get a little too loud the microphone distorts and it’s gotten to the point that listeners are complaining. Not only does it seem unprofessional, but it makes the show hard to edit and pull clips for best ofs. Spot says that the problem is not with the mics, but with the people using them, Covino and Rich need to learn to adapt to the new microphones and then the sound will get better. Rich thinks the engineers should be able to come in and fix the system instead.
  • The guys had pro baseball player Hunter Pence on their show yesterday, and became best friends with the guy. He was always known as a personable guy both on and off the field, but encountering his electric personality first hand was something completely different. It made both Rich and Covino realize that when you begin to work with professional and retired athletes you start to see that the things you root for on the field are the players and not the team itself.
  • Covino is living in the Pop2K era right now, especially when it comes to his wardrobe. Yesterday he went shopping for some new clothes and realized that the pants of today’s younger generation are a lot shorter in the legs than what he is used to. Also, flip-flops seem to have shrunk as well, and now Steve doesn’t know if he’s supposed to go with the smaller or bigger size. According to the millennials, the shorter, smaller, or tighter you go, the better.
  • Rich booked a hotel via a third party website and was almost scammed by it. Do a lot of these major travel websites realize that some of the third party sites they work with are actually scams? It just proves that you should never be too confident in the ‘crazy deal’ you found online. Covino almost got roped into a similar situation while in Hawaii last weekend. He went to one of the resorts timeshare presentations just so he could get a discount on one of his excursions. He didn’t end up falling for the trap, but he can see how someone a little more helpless could.
  • Chelsea Handler is here to promote her new book as well as some upcoming tour dates. She was a huge name in comedy in the 2000s, and now wants to be better for her own sake. She was on TV, in movies, basically everywhere, and saw the ‘top of the mountain’. Now she wants to just do what she can to help others, even if that means disagreeing with President Trump, who she is clearly not a fan of.
  • A quick friend in need comes up involving a guy who let a stripper move into his home because she was going through some hard times. It’s pretty clear he wants to try and hook up with her, but she seems to be taking advantage of him to an extent. Now he wants to know what to do, which everyone seems to be in agreement on throwing her out.