Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 5-22-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 5/22/19


Felipe Esparza

Chris Jericho

Show Topics:

  • Rich Davis is a people pleaser, and everyone knows it. He goes out of his way to please everyone even when they aren’t talking to him. Yesterday at ESPN the guys were in the make-up room and Rich called out Covino for not liking shows with female leads. That’s not necessarily the case, but the fact that Rich had to call him out for it bothered Covino a bit. The positive of the whole situation is that Rich can relate to literally anyone, but Covino is just quiet by nature.
  • Rich started a new Netflix show last night called Jailbirds, which focuses on real women living in prison right now. It is basically ‘Orange is the New Black’ in the real world, and shines a light on some of the less-than-glamorous aspects of prison life. Rich wants to know if Covino thinks he’d survive in prison, and he does. As long as you stay out of the trouble areas, you can probably avoid any major issues.
  • Felipe Esparza is here to promote some upcoming tour dates, as well as his podcast and a few other projects. He tells the guys about what life was like growing up in the ghetto, about his time in prison, and how comedy was what pulled him out of gang life. Esparza actually learned how to do stand-up by going to the library and watching videos of other comedians, and found a lot of his current material from his real life experiences in the ghettos. Felipe went to rehab to try and escape being killed by a rival gang member, and ended up realizing that the drugs and alcohol were taking him down the wrong path. From there he got clean, and now shares some of that in his performances.
  • Did you know that grey hair is a myth? The hair only appears to be grey because it is mixing in with whatever your natural hair color is. In reality your hair turns white little by little, and those ‘white’ hairs look grey when mixed among whatever color your natural hair is. In other ‘mind blowing facts’ the term hard as hell is actually ‘hard as hail’ and has just been mispronounced over the years.
  • Donald Trump attempted to call out Joe Biden at a recent campaign rally, but it sort of fell flat. Trump said that Biden had ‘given up’ on Pennsylvania and left it years ago, but in reality Biden was ten years old at the time, and moved because his father got a new job. Is that the weakest attempt at an insult for a Presidential candidate?
  • A story came out of the New York Post about a woman who was caught on camera walking around naked in the house of someone she was pet-sitting for. She also brought her boyfriend over and appeared to have sex with him in the owners bedroom. Rich wants to know if everyone just assumes that type of thing is going on when you have someone house-sit for you, or do you have more faith in the people you’d let do that type of thing? It all depends on the type of person they are and whether or not you know them well enough.
  • Chris Jericho is here to promote quite a few projects including his upcoming wrestling appearances, his music with his band Fozzy, and a new Jay and Silent Bob film he’ll be appearing in soon. Jericho has been in the industry so long that he knows how everything works too. In terms of preference, he likes the live aspects of music and wrestling as opposed to TV and Movies where you can just retake the shot. It creates a sense of legitimacy and urgency that just aren’t present on a movie set where you can spend two hours redoing one single scene.