Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 5-21-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 5/21/19


Show Topics:

  • The guys are back from their vacations and have many stories to tell. Covino went to Hawaii for the first time and was amazed at how beautiful it was. He saw waterfalls, lava caves, black and red sand beaches, and a botanical garden all on one excursion and was thoroughly impressed. As recommended by Spot, the Road to Hana was amazing as well, and gave Steve a brief history of Hawaii before it was a state as well. One of the biggest takeaways though, by both Rich and Steve from their vacations, was that five days is the perfect amount of time. It’s not too long that you feel like you need to get back, and not to short where you feel like you could’ve done more. Plus, if you can have it overlap a weekend it helps to save some vacation days for other trips too.
  • In terms of random news for the day, the Deontay Wilder fight from last week was one of the most amazing knockouts seen in a long time. It literally lasted about 10 seconds, and has some analysts thinking a Wilder v. Anthony Joshua fight could be the biggest thing since Ali v. Frasier. Rich has a documentary that he wants to recommend, and it has to do with aging. The basic premise was that at some point we’re all going to need someone to take care of us, but depending on how you live your life that can come sooner or later. Also, Rich began watching the Walking Dead again and thinks that it may be getting good again. They’ve ‘broken the wheel’ of having to try and save everyone, and now with Rick and Maggie gone, can get into more of the action of the show.
  • The highly anticipated Game of Thrones finale was this past weekend, and it left a lot of fans wanting more from the series. This season as a whole has been described by fans as the worst yet, but it probably has to do more with the fact that there are only six episodes, and therefore the creators have to try and get everything in before it’s over. With a show that impacted so many people’s lives, it’s always hard to let go. Now fans are demanding that HBO remake the whole 8th season as a whole, which is disrespectful to the creators as a whole. George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished the books yet, so there could be a different ending there too, which will leaves fans more satisfied.
  • Rich’s vacation this past weekend was to the Bahamas, and he came back with a lot of thoughts. First, casinos are dangerous because they pull you in and try to take as much money as they can. Second, when you go to an island or beach town vacation, you’re probably going to end up snorkeling at some point. Rich thinks it’s a fun activity that pretty much anyone can do too, but it just solidifies the fact that people are more willing to let their guard down on their vacation and put their trust into a stranger’s hands. Third and final, it seems like a lot of spouses seem to keep secrets from each other, which shocks the guys. Maybe it’s because they share their lives on the radio and therefore don’t really have any secrets to keep though. Whether it’s about money, alcohol, edibles, or sneaking the occasional smoke, it seems like secrets are not as uncommon as the guys thought.