Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 5-15-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 5/15/19

Show Topics:

  • Was last night’s NBA Draft a total bust? The hype that was built leading up to it was surrounding whether Zion Williamson would end up a New York Knick or not. The draft lottery instead gave the New Orleans Pelicans the first overall pick, which likely means Williamson will end up there next season. People love to try a call things like this ‘rigged’ or a setup for the NBA as a whole, but it’s hard to imagine that actually being the case. Also, how will Zion showing up effect Anthony Davis’s decision to leave? Does this give the Pelicans a little more room to play with, or will they try to keep both players and create another super-team in N.O.?
  • Alyssa Milano is back in the news because she is promoting a ‘women’s sex strike’ to support their reproductive rights. While the reason for the protest may be a valid one, it seems like they could’ve found a better way to protest. Anyone who starts a protest now has initially done their job by simply getting it noticed. Covino could start a strike for testicular health, and even if the way he did so was wrong, if the story gets picked up he would’ve succeeded. This ties directly into the Alabama banning of abortions discussion as well. While it’s probably a subject the guys should leave alone, it does seem like a lot of people are in favor of letting women control their own bodies in general.
  • Terry Bradshaw is in the news because he was forced to apologize for calling Ken Jeong Japanese in a recent interview. Ken is American, from Detroit, but his parents are from Korea. The story called Bradshaw’s comments ‘insensitive’ but were they really? Bradshaw and Jeong are friends as well, which means it all could’ve been in light-hearted fun anyways. Or if nothing else, Bradshaw could probably (and should probably) call the whole thing an ‘old guy moment’ and try to move on.
  • A friend in need comes up involving dating apps and putting yourself back out there after a divorce. Which of the dozens pf dating apps is best? A listeners wants advice from the guys who have used them and succeeded, on how and which apps to use. Steve spent about a year in the world of dating apps, and even paid for Tinder and Bumble at one point. That way, he was able to see who liked him already and match with them instantly. According to Jake, the new app that is taking the younger generation by storm is called Hinge, and promotes less swiping and more liking than its competitors. Tommy also chimes in via text, and says that Hinge is the best of all the dating apps in the New York/New Jersey area too.