Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 5-14-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 5/14/19

Show Topics:

Rich is wearing sweatpants in the new studios today, which seems to be his new normal whenever there isn’t a guest coming by. His sweats cost $80 which is $70 too much according to Covino. This leads the guys into a conversation about purchasing items online. Have you ever made a purchase based on an ad you saw on social media, and had it work out? It seems like those scams always trick you into buying a product that you don’t need, and when it shows up in the mail it’s completely different than what you expected. How do companies like Amazon allow these scams to happen on their watch, or are they not held at all accountable for it?

People were very upset about the Game of Thrones episode this week, mainly because they felt like the big battle scene completely changed one of the fan-favorite characters into a ruthless killer. Was there any way the creators could’ve taken the story though, which wouldn’t of disappointed some group of fans? People are upset that this series is ending after being invested for so long, and they’re taking their anger out the little decisions like this.

Tonight is the NBA Draft selection in Chicago, and whatever result comes from it could determine the landscape of the NBA for the next few seasons. It’s pretty clear that whichever team gets the first overall selection will go with Zion Williamson, now all that’s left is to see who lucks out and gets the pick. If the New York Knicks are somehow able to come away with it, they could potentially also pick up Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in the offseason and be the new team to beat in the East.

Should you invest in a product because you believe in it or because a broker tells you it’s smart to do so? Rich is investing in Uber now that the IPO has gone public, because it’s a service he knows and uses frequently. Could this be the way Rich makes his millions? Or are the stocks still too unpredictable to rely on?

There’s a story out of the New York Post that says no one has made new friends in about 5 years. The point of the article was that people are less and less likely to interact with others as they get older, and after about age 25 they pretty much give up. In order to make friends though you have to put yourself out there, and a lot of adults are not willing to do that. It also depends on the crowds you run in, because if they don’t vibe with you and your significant other, you’re probably not going to want to see them again.