Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 5-10-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 5/10/19

Guest: Michael Cudlitz

Show Topics:

Spot proved all of our theories about social media right yesterday after posting a picture of himself in yoga pants on his balcony. It shows that what people really care about is dumb humor and keeping up with the trends, and will give a ‘like’ to anything that goes along those lines. Spot took the photo himself, mainly because he couldn’t ask Kristin to do it, but also because he wanted to get the perfect angle, lighting, and vibe that he approved of.

What is the measure of a man in today’s world? Is it growing a beard? Changing oil? Or something else? One thing is for sure, the younger generation of today have taken that and flipped it completely on its head. Jake is the most metrosexual guy in the studio, and even he agrees that some of the outfits people wear are a little much. Are people just being over the top to try and draw attention or are they just trying to figure out who they are? One thing is clear, people will do anything for likes now, and Covino has even adopted some of their tactics like the ‘put a smiley face over the photo so you have to go to the profile to see it’ trick.

Spot wants to be a dad but feels like he and his wife aren’t making the right efforts towards really making that happen. If anything Kristin seems a little unsure of the whole thing, and is reluctant to fully try and make a child happen. Spot feels like at the memoent he’s the one putting in all the effort, and that Kristin seems uninterested for some reason. Maybe she doesn’t want to carry a child and put her body through that, but shouldn’t that open the door to other options? Spot wants to have a child of his own if he can, instead of going through the whole adoption process. The whole situation seems like a lot of pressure on both Spot and Kristin, which may have something to do with why they haven’t been able to yet.

Michael Cudlitz returns to the show to talk about the new whiskey bar he will be opening in Nashville, as well as projects he’s been working on in TV and movies. We all know him as ‘ Abraham’ from the Walking Dead, but he’s been in so many other projects as well. Currently he is working on the ABC show ‘The Kids Are Alright’ and loving playing a dad role. He was reluctant to take on the part because he didn’t think that was where his career should go, but has loved every second of it so far. Last time Cudlitz was here he spent 2 hours with the guys on their show, which is clearly because he is so easy to talk to and such a nice guy.