Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 5-9-19

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 5/9/19

Guest: Clinton Yates

 Show Topics:

  • Rich has a very important question for all the listeners today, and he needs an answer; was Abraham Lincoln shot through his top hat at some point in his life or did Rich just dream that? It’s in every cartoon where they feature a bit about Lincoln, but it also happens to be actually true. Lincoln was shot through his hat and knocked off his horse during a ride by a sniper in the bushes. His hat cost $8 which today would have been $250.
  • Is our social media game lacking compared to other people’s? Rich is thinking of hiring a social media specialist to help consult them on their presence. It is hard for the guys to separate their show account from their own personal accounts, because they feel like the things they would post on their personal ones would also be good for the show’s page. Is it better to use both accounts but separately, or should they focus on one and save the other for special occasions?
  • Clinton Yates stops by to hang out with the guys in studio. He works with them at ESPN and has a vast knowledge of all things sports-related. Covino feels like he may be missing the hype on soccer because he sees friends and family posting about it. This week in particular there were some major upsets and results which everyone wanted to talk about. Rich and Covino can pretend like they know about the sport, but if they want to connect with people on a deeper level they need to actually pick a team and start following them.
  • The soccer talk ties directly into the next topic Covino wants to discuss, which is whether people who actively avoid shows that are popular are worse than the ones who can’t stop talking about it. With Game of Thrones, people love to either act like they know everything or love to point out that they’ve never seen an episode. Is that just people missing the hype, or are they purposefully going against what’s popular to try and seem cool?
  • A bunch of friends in need come up again today, but the main one the guys want to discuss has to do with getting both your girlfriend and your side piece pregnant at the same time. Is there any way to handle that situation without destroying one or both of the relationships altogether? Both girls are pregnant at the same time, which means that the guy definitely cheated on his girlfriend without her knowing. Should he tell his girlfriend now, or just let the whole thing play out first. One thing is for sure, at some point a major talk is going to need to be had.