Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 5-8-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 5/8/19

Show Topics:

  • Could Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors be on the verge of a new big deal for him to stay in Toronto more long term? It looks like they may have the team to beat in the NBA Playoffs, and could go all the way to the Finals, but can anyone really beat the Golden State Warriors? In other sports highlights, the Colorado Avalanche and San Jose Sharks are going to Game 7 tonight in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Barcelona was knocked out of Champion’s League contention after losing a hard fought battle to Liverpool yesterday.
  • Covino’s mom wants to move to Virginia after retiring, but Steve is worried that no one will want to come visit her if she does. When someone retires, it is typical of them to move to a more desirable location, not only for themselves, but for the family to come visit as well. If Covino’s parents move to some random small town in Virginia or Pennsylvania will anyone go to visit? Maybe they should reconsider, and move somewhere like Florida or the Jersey Shore instead.
  • Is the idea of ‘local’ totally disappearing from the modern world? Everything is shared so nationally and internationally that it seems hard for anything to truly be a ‘locals only’ type of situation. Back in the day going to the local restaurant or listening to your local radio channels was the cool thing to do. Now, with services like Netflix, SiriusXM, and Postmates, everyone can experience everything all together. Does that mean the ‘local’ mindset is going the way of the past?
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is, how it works, or what it does. She posted a video about it to her social media and now is facing some backlash about it. Does anyone actually know what the real purpose of a garbage disposal is though? It seems like everyone just uses it to get rid of food waste and other junk they don’t want. A lot of the backlash though, is about the ‘cute’ way she tried to pose the question, which ended up falling flat anyways.
  •  A few quick friend in needs come up, first, is dating or marrying someone with the same name as your Ex weird? Or should we all just be adults about it and move on? The latter seems like the more ‘adult’ approach either way. Second, how long should you wait to start talking bad about a friend or family member’s ex? Do you need to give it a long period of time because they might get back together, or should it be fair game from day one? Third and final, Rich wants to get Emmy a hamster to have as a pet, but is worried that she may not know how to handle it. Is she too young to handle the responsibility?
  • A bigger friend in need comes up, involving a friend of the show who went to Atlantic City on a girl’s trip. She met some guys there and they ended up exchanging numbers because their families work in the same industry. Now, the girlfriend of one of those guys is reaching out to her and asking a lot of questions about what exactly went down over the weekend. Should out ‘friend in need’ feel any responsibility to get back to this total stranger? Or is should she just brush the whole thing aside?