Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 5-7-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 5/7/19

Guest:  David Cross

Show Topics:

  • There’s a mole in the office over at ESPN and the guys are anxious to find out who it is. It seems like anything they talk about (whether on or off the air) somehow gets brought up to the bosses and then they are called out for it. So far nothing severe has happened, but Rich was talked to about a few comments he made around the office, and it clearly showed that somebody is listening and repeating things to the bosses. If there is a mole in the office how do you deal with it? Feed them bad information or just let them do their thing and hope someone else calls them out?
  • When you work in the public eye sometimes you have to deal with people hating on you for no real reason. It happens with athletes, actors, comedians, and even radio hosts all the time. Who do you go to afterwards though, to vent about your problems? Is it strictly your significant other, or are friends a better choice for this type of thing? Sometimes it’s better to keep these problems to yourself because the other person might be dealing with stress of their own. Every job brings with it a certain level of stress, how you deal with that stress is what matters most though. It’s healthy to want to talk with someone and even complain, but if you let it take over your life it can really ruin everything.
  • David Cross stops by to talk about his career and his current stand up tour that he is on. He’s been touring the country with his wife and daughter now for about a year, and the time they get to spend together on the tour bus is actually very nice. Cross doesn’t think that his career and life in the entertainment industry will have that large of an impact on his daughter, especially right now because she’s only two. He’s been in the business for so long that he’s sort of learned the best way to navigate through it. In terms of work, he’s most recognized for ‘Arrested Development’ but has lent his voice to quite a few projects including Emmy’s current favorite movie ‘Megamind’. Because his catalog of work is so large, there are projects which get lost or missed along the way, but overall David feels like most of his work has garnered the exact amount of attention it deserves.
  • Is there an age that adults reach where they need to accept the fact that having kids is off the table? With modern medicine it is possible to have a child at an increasingly older age, but do people really want to be 70 at their kid’s high school graduation? There seems to be two separate schools of thought on the subject, either that you have kids in your mid-twenties to ‘get it out of the way’ or you wait until your more established in your 30s so you can provide a better financial living for them.  Whichever you choose will determine basically your entire life, so you must do so wisely. A lot of people in the industry which the guys work in end up not having kids simply because they don’t have the time to commit to them. Will their new schedule of working a morning radio show and a night talk show need to be adjusted to account for more family time in the near future? Or do they roll with it and do the best they can?