Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-1-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 5/1/19

Show Topics:

  • Does everyone carry the same stink around with them? If everyone showers in the morning, does that mean that in the evening everyone will be at the same point, or are some people cleaner than others? Rich believes that his asshole does not smell like other men. He keeps it clean, he washes it every day, and is careful about foods he eats. Isn’t ‘butt smell’ something that everyone has though? Even women have it, but don’t want to acknowledge it. Usually a girl keeps her bathroom business private though, whereas guys openly talk about it with their buddies. So, does Rich really think he’s the cleanest man ever?
  • The guys are still in awe of the new studios every day, but there’s one thing that has been bugging Rich about the bathrooms here. Other than the fact that the trash can is built into the wall and holds about 10 paper towels before it’s full, in the men’s room in particular there is only one urinal. Isn’t that going to become an issue as more and more people make their way out here? There’s four stalls to use, but if you’re trying to take a quick pee break during commercials a urinal is ideal. All it will take is the right person to notice and mention it to the bosses before they decide to put in a few more spots for the men.
  • If you went out onto the streets and asked 100 people who Deontay Wilder, Bad Bunny, or Maluma is, how many do you think would know it? All three are niche audiences, but the survey would be totally random so it would depend on the people you find. While some may think these names are super-mainstream, others who aren’t necessarily as involved in media and pop culture would probably have a hard time identifying them at random.
  • Rich had to get his beard trimmed before he and Covino went to film a bit for the History Channel on Monday. His normal barber was closed though, so he decided to go to a Floyd’s Barbershop here in LA. When he sat in the chair, they sent a woman over to take care of him and he felt a little uncomfortable. She then proceeded to screw up his beard, and take it too short, to the point that Rich ended up taking it off himself afterwards. Would you trust a woman to shape up or style your beard? Or is it something someone who has a beard or has dealt with one has to do?
  • Keto-Covino is still going strong, but he doesn’t know how he’s going to participate in this Friday’s Guac-Off in NY if he can’t eat the chips? What about when he goes on vacation in a few weeks? Should he stay Keto Covino throughout that, or should he let himself live a little and enjoy the trip?
  •  In the world of ran-dumb news, There’s a new surgery that promises to give you lifelong abs. All you have to do is fly to Thailand to get the questionable procedure done. There’s a new Sonic the Hedgehog movie that looks poorly CGI animated, but features Jim Carrey at his best. Will Carrey be able to save the film with his OG antics, or is it doomed to fail no matter what?