Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 4-26-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 4/26/19

Show Topics:

  • First things first, Day 1 of the NFL Draft was last night and as everyone expected Kyler Murray went first overall to the Arizona Cardinals. Other highlights of the draft were the New York Giants opting to go with Duke QB Daniel Jones over the highly favored Dwayne Haskins, and  Haskins reaction after the Giants passed on him. One of the other major highlights from the draft are the outfits that some of the athletes think are a good idea to wear. Everything from Kyler Murray’s Pink ‘Great Gatsby inspired’ suit to Josh Allen’s Jaguar suit jacket were on display at the popular NFL event.
  • Have you ever sent an email or text and accidentally sent it to the wrong person? This happened on one of the grandest scales possible, when Jeanie Buss sent emails to other members of the staff about Magic Johnson’s performance as President. Only issue was that Magic himself was CC’d on all the emails. Now there is speculation as to whether or not that is why he stepped down so suddenly as last week from his role with the Lakers. This happens a lot more in everyday life, especially in group texts and email chains where info is shared that wasn’t necessarily supposed to be. The only way to fix the situation is to try and play it off as a joke.
  • In the world of random news, there a chimpanzee who actually seems to understand how an iPhone works, and can actively be seen scrolling on one in a viral video. The people who go see Avengers Endgame and spoil the ending for others are officially the worst. Covino gets sent a random photo of a guy that everyone wants a picture with, only problem is that no one seems to know who it is.
  • When you’re out with friends how often do you need to check back in with your significant other to let them know what is going on? You shouldn’t need to tell them every little detail, but keeping them in the loop isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If your wife or girlfriends wants to know everything you’re doing at all times, and wants photographic evidence to back it up, they might be a little controlling.