Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 8-10-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 8/10/18


Matt Iseman promoting Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior

Show Topics

  • It’s Friday and the guys have a full recap for you from Covino’s big birthday bash last night, which was both fun and exhausting. He even got more texts and messages than ever before which was pretty cool. The guys also made their second appearance on ESPN’s Nacion last night, and Rich took the challenge from Sara and Jen on, completing both of them and possibly creating a “bit” in the process. Should Rich do more dares like this as the guys progress further with ESPN, or should he take it a little more seriously and seem like real analysts? They were hired to be fun and personable so maybe this could work for Rich
  • Mark in CO has a friend in need for us to solve, and it has to do with a misunderstanding over Broncos tickets from 20 years ago. His mother asked him to pick up some tickets and drop them off at his aunt’s place, but he instead took them home because he didn’t have time. The mom and aunt got into a fight over the tickets and that feud has lasted the past 20 years. Now, the aunt just passed away and Mark didn’t even hear about it. Should you put a petty feud aside when a relative passes away? Mark feels like even with their fight, he should’ve been told that his aunt had died.
  • A man in a small town in Tennessee was arrested after he exposed himself to a woman, but the story of how it all happened is HILARIOUS. Basically, he brushed up against her and sort of felt her up, then he followed her home and began masturbating while driving. He sat outside of her house and started waving his penis at her, which caused her to call the cops. All this sparks a major debate with the guys: if you were going to wave you penis at someone how would you do it?
  • Would you ever get a biting massage? It seems to be a new craze that a lot of celebrities are embracing. A woman found that her “specialty” way of massaging was gaining in popularity, and has since given Bite Massages to celebs like Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake. Is a biting massage going a little too far in terms of personal space? It seems like a very sexual act, and from the video it looks like it leaves red marks that stick around for a while.
  • Matt Iseman is in studio to hang out with the guys and talk about the upcoming 10th season of American Ninja Warrior. The stories brought to Ninja Warrior are always very emotional, and Matt says a lot of the times they get emotional hearing these stories. It really shows that the competition connects people in the right sort of way. Matt got started doing comedy and acting, and he made it to where he is today by taking every opportunity he could to progress. It really has made him into the world’s greatest white hype man.