Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 8-2-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 8/2/18

 Show Topics

  • This Throwback Thursday has Rich stoked for the Alf tv reboot that was recently announced. Covino and Rich also take the time to reminisce about some of the greatest toys of their past, He-Man, hot wheels, and action figures to name a few. On the topic of reboots, Covino doesn’t think all of the sequels out there indicate a lack of creativity in Hollywood. There are tons of new and original screenplays floating around but the big Hollywood execs like to stick with the stuff that they know will have a guaranteed audience, so they opt for reboots and sequels. Covino shares some memes to prove that people are as creative and hilarious as ever. Covino and Rich discuss people who left the band/show/whatever they were a part of right before the group really takes off and makes it big. Womp womp.
  • C&R get a throwback Thursday request. There are some listeners from back in the day who had to take a break from Sirius XM for a little bit and are back listening to the show again but want some updates on the guys’ lives. C&R give a brief update on the marriages, babies, divorces, moves, new relationships, and surgeries to date. C&R play the movie limerick game with some listeners for a little bit. Then, Covino has a bone to pick with whoever runs the social media pages for SXM. C&R never gets promoted on any of the pages and the one time they do mention the show (yesterday) it was to make fun of Cov’s “should I wear earrings” poll. What’s up with that?
  • Rich thinks Covino has a new fetish that he’s keeping secret even from himself. Jordyn thinks Covino likes having his nipples played with but Covino swears he actually hates it, even if they always end up getting it on after she tweaks them. Rich thinks Covino is just too conservative to admit he’s into it. Spot says Cov is repressed in a veil of social constructs. Listeners weigh in on the situation. Rich also wonders if there are more women out there who like to get choked than he’d originally assumed. Rich is starting to guess that about 75% of women like choking in some form, Cove’s mind is blown and he doesn’t know what to think.