Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 8-1-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 8/1/18

 Show Topics

  • Rich thinks that yesterday’s conversation sparked a lot of love making thanks to his social pressures. As per usual, he thinks some listeners missed the point of what he was saying. Covino faced a complaint from someone who didn’t like him commenting on Yanet Garcia’s butt on Turbo. If people don’t like what a host says they should change the channel. Jordyn sent Rich a photo of Covino pitching a tent and Rich was truly shocked by the photo. Turns out both Rich and Covino have one of those “Clone-A-Willy” penis molds for a very strange bet from a few years ago. Covino and Rich say there are two kinds of guys: guys whose boners point towards them and guys whose boners point straight out. Guess which kind Spot is. Covino has a story about his younger brother Tommy’s sexcepades and his mom calls in to comment.
  • Covino’s Uncle Mack doesn’t like how Rich treats him on national TV and it has Covino feeling some type of way. Rich has two embarrassing stories to tell. First, Rich batted 0-3 for his co-ed softball game on Monday night. The catch? The pitcher was a 70 year old woman! Next, he tried to jump out and scare Sarah at the mall yesterday, only to end up attacking an old lady, scaring her and making her knock over a candle display. Which story is more embarrassing? You decide.
  • Covino comments on a video of Le’Veon Bell that’s floating around. It’s a video of the athlete slapping some stripper butt at the strip club.  Covino goes on about morality again and wonders why athletes let these kinds of videos get passed around, comparing the situation to the Jimmy Garoppolo story from last week. In other ran-dumb news, Patrick Renna from The Sandlot took a photo with a kid wearing a “you’re killing me smalls” shirt and the guy had no idea who he was or what the shirt was referencing. There’s also a petition to bring Nirvana back with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger as the front man. Covino and Rich discuss.
  • Back to that Nirvana thing, Covino doesn’t know why people like to hate on Nickelback so much. Most people are just bandwagoners who’ve never even heard a Nickelback song. Rich, Covino, and Spot aren’t afraid to say that they like Nickelback and agree that Chad Kroeger is one of the nicest guys out there. Covino thinks that Dave Grohl would be the kind of guy who would be down for a Nirvana revamp if the fans wanted it. Grohl is such a cool and easy going dude, did you see that video of him bringing “Kiss Guy” (Yayo Sanchez) up onto the stage on a show and letting the fan kill it on his guitar? That’s the kind of stuff that Dave Grohl does and that makes us love him so much, aside from the fact that he’s an incredible musician of course.
  • At the end of the show the guys discuss changing your image to please other people. Jordyn doesn’t like Cov’s earrings, so he hasn’t been wearing them lately. Now that he’s on ESPN he really misses them and wants to wear them to stand out, feel more like himself, and to maintain his IDGAF way of life. On the other hand, Covino and Rich wonder whether or not Spot would get more action from his wife if he finally shaved the beard that she hates so much. Spot isn’t convinced.