Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 7-31-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 7/31/18

Show Topics

  • Rich is having a lot of trouble finding the right couch for his living room. It’s so hard to find an attractive and comfortable couch these days. Covino agrees and thinks that Rich should shell out the big bucks to get a good one, maybe even a custom couch. So many of the couches from the big chain stores like Ashley Furniture, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, etc. have intolerably uncomfortable furniture. Apparently this is a hard-pressing issue that many of our listeners can relate to. Listeners call in to discuss their own couch woes and expertise. Remember those friends you had growing up who had really nice living rooms that the kids weren’t allowed in? Covino couldn’t stand going to those houses. Spot’s mom had one of those living rooms, he still feels like he has to ask permission before sitting on any of the furniture. In other couch related history, Covino’s sister once bit a hole in their leather couch.
  • Wrapping up the couch talk, the entire second and third hours of the show are dedicated to relationship troubles and advice. Rich starts by reading the comments on a post from the CARLs page. The original post asked for men to give dating advice to women and for women to reply with their responses to said advice. One listener told women not to stop giving head after marriage, which lead to a big discussion about how to keep your sex life alive and what to do when your sexual desire is far higher than your wife’s. Rich doesn’t think a relationship can survive if you’re no longer on the same page sexually, Covino thinks it’s more complicated. Ultimately, Covino questions whether or not humans are supposed to spend their entire lives with just one person and whether true love and successful relationships can even exist in this day and age. Listeners call in to share their own relationship woes and/or successes.