Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-19-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 7/19/18

Show Topics

  • Happy Throwback Thursday, Covino and Rich are still recovering from their time at the ESPYs last night. Danica Patrick hosted , Covino thought she was a little stiff but did a great job overall. Covino and Rich were both touched by the hundreds of female gymnasts who took the stage to act out against athletic doctor Larry Nassar who has been exposed for assaulting hundreds of female athletes over his career. Rich is still a bit hungover because he had a few too many last night. Spot wonders if Rich is developing a little bit of a drinking problem. He’s gotten white-girl wasted relatively often these past few weeks. Rich argues that it’s just because they’ve had a lot to celebrate like DBC, July 4th, and of course the ESPYs. Plus there was an open bar.
  • Building up to a Friend In Need that the guys will cover in the second hour, Covino contemplates the ethics of Indian Gifting once again. He has this art poster that his father gave him and that he really loves but  doesn’t have room for right now. His sister likes the poster and wants it if he’s giving it up. Is it okay for Covino to give it to her and tell her that he may ask for it back somewhere down the line? Listeners weigh in and say it’s fine as long as it’s all part of an agreement that they make in advance. Indian giving is still a bad look in any other situation though. And by the way, where did the term Indian giving come from? Is it still okay to use?
  • The second hour of the show Covino and Rich finally get into that Friend In Need that got them started on the topic of Indian giving in the first place. The guys touch on the ESPYs again and Covino points out that although he loves seeing women dressed up for nice events, he really isn’t a fan of the caked on makeup look. Too bad it’s the norm for big red carpet type events because of all of the cameras floating around. Covino asks the listeners if their exes ruined anything for them. Is there a movie or show you just can’t watch anymore? A place you just can’t go back to? Callers weigh in. Covino has one of those $50 faux paintings that you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond but that he really likes and ~identifies~ with but it turns out Jordyn’s ex had the same picture and can’t stand looking at.
  • The last hour of the show Covino and Rich listen to some covers of popular songs, including Weezer’s version of Africa by Toto. The guys also cover the news about Edgar Hansen from Deadliest Catch admitting to sexually assaulting a 16 year old girl. The guys compare sexual predators like Hansen and Nasser and wonder whether public apologies even mean anything. Covino is still trying to sell some of his old stuff and has been getting in Craigslist fights with people trying to low-ball him. Covino and Rich just found out that Facebook marketplace is a thing and can see themselves becoming obsessed.