Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 7-10-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 7/10/18

 Show Topics

  • Covino and Rich take a moment to talk about where “I have a meeting with very important people” came from before getting into the important stuff. Rich wants to know if it’s weird to keep some of his doctors in NY if he only needs to see them once or twice a year, like his eye doctor and dentist. He tried to get a dentist out here in LA but had the worst experience ever. Rich is pretty sure it was a bootleg dentist but Spot and Covino aren’t convinced. Maybe this is just Hollywood Rich peeking out again. C&R take some calls and read some texts and most people agree that Rich’s new dentist sounds pretty wack, so he’s going back to his NY dentist.
  • In the second hour of the show, C&R finish off the dentist conversation but Covino still thinks Rich is a primadonna, even if he’s right about this one. Cove outs Rich and makes him tell us about how upset he was when a girl went down on him and made him finish on himself. For most of the hour the guys discuss a news headline this morning, “Colton’s Big Reveal.” Turns out one of the finalists on the Bachelorette revealed that he’s still a virgin. The guys discuss whether or not this is actually a big deal and debate whether they would date/marry a virgin themselves. Is it different for girls vs. guys?
  • The third hour of the show starts off with a call from one of our favorite listeners, Blind Brian. Covino wants to know at what point does he ask to feel somebody’s face? Covino is starting to become friendly with a blind woman in his building and is anxious about her asking to feel his face. Brian says he only asks to touch someone’s face if they’re a really close friend that he’s known for years, not just an acquaintance.
  • Some more ran-dumb news and headlines, Sasha Baron Cohen has been teasing a show that’s going to premier on Showtime on July 15th. We’re not sure what exactly it is because they’ve been very hush-hush about it, but it looks political. In other news, very strange news, an 18 year old shooting victim’s life was remembered with a very strange wake. His family sat his body in a chair “playing” videogames with a Kyrie Irving jersey on. Covino is a fan of remembering people as they really were, but is against all kinds of wakes in general. There was also a gas station clerk who got punched in the face, and when he went to the doctor he found out he had a brain tumor. Turns out that punch saved his life. Rich brings up the fact that you really don’t see as many celebrities out in LA as you’d think, given that they all live here. A little more ran-dumb news and the hour ends with another quick discussion about whether or not Rich needs more hobbies.