Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 7-9-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 7/9/18

Show Topics

  • Covino and Rich start the show off with an update on the Thai youth soccer team stuck in a cave. Some of the party has been rescued and efforts continue. Studio executives are probably already duking it out to get the rights for a movie. All that aside, isn’t it great how people across the world come together to offer whatever they can in situations like this? Covino tells us he’s never played rock, paper, scissors before. More ran-dumb news, the guys touch on Brock Lesnar pulling some WWE style stunts in the UFC ring after Cormier beat Miocic.
  • Covino gives us a weekend recap and talks about bringing Melody to the pool. One of his neighbors was grilling and offered him some BBQ meats and an invite to watch the UFC fight later that night. Covino only took the food, which starts a conversation about making new friends as an adult. Covino says no new friends but Spot and Rich disagree. Rich thinks that we can’t complain about society not knowing how to be friendly/people always sitting on their phones in public instead of having conversations while also turning down any invites that come our way.
  • The second hour picks up where the first hour left off. Spot and Rich talk about making new friends and some callers weigh in. Rich brings up Spot’s weekend adventures biking on the boardwalk with Kristen. Rich thinks that Spot is way more adventurous and active than he thinks he is. Covino and Spot agree that Spot is pretty average in his level of activity, it’s just that Rich has no hobbies and thinks nobody else does either. Rich doesn’t even own a bike. Callers weigh in. Rich gives us the douche quote of the day with “I rode a bike all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.” Covino thinks Rich has no passion.
  • For the third hour of the show Rich asks if we give Ian Kennedy too much credit just for creating the CARLs Facebook page. A listener thinks that Covino saying he isn’t interested in superhero movies shows his age. Covino doesn’t think it dates him, it just shows his interests. Covino and Rich argue about whether or not they should go out of their way to learn about pop culture they’re not that interested in for the sake of the show and their listeners, superheroes and video games specifically. Listeners share their opinions and are split 50/50.