Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 7-6-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 7/6/18


Britney Young  – talking about GLOW season 2 on Netflix

Show Topics

Rich is still in Texas and brings up those old school ice cream trucks for this flashback Friday, since we missed throwback yesterday. Rich’s Dicky Doodle Dandy Dingleberry vodka treats were a huge 4th of July hit. Covino’s 4th of July was all over the place. He spent the day with Jordan, who found out her car was broken into. They spent the whole first half of their day trying to track down her credit card activity and file reports with the police. Too bad in LA the police couldn’t care less and you have to play detective yourself. The culprit bought $60 worth of burgers at Tommy’s Burgers and tried to buy $80 worth of stuff at 7/11 before the card was declined. 7/11 had the guy on camera but refused to release the security footage to Covino and Jordan for privacy concerns. What a strange city this is, where people care more about a criminal’s privacy than helping the victim of the crime.

Rich tells us more about his 4th of July down by the river with Sarah’s family in Texas. Covino and Spot have a good time messing with him and his strawberry jell-o shots. When Sarah’s family and friends ride down to the river on horses, Rich rides in on a unicorn. Rich drank too much and doesn’t remember how he got home, but he does remember his sister in-law treating him to Topo Chico mineral water and tacos.

Hour two of the show C&R take some calls. Gruba from SC wants us to guess who’s older, Stallone, Trump, or Schwarzenegger? They’re all in their 70’s which is weird. Another caller asks Rich about the Oakley sunglasses situation in Texas. Rich admits that the brand is alive and well down by the river, but not the lame stereotypical style that everyone thinks of. Ran-dumb news Chris Brown was arrested but nobody knows why there was a warrant for his arrest in the first place. Covino tells us more about his 4th of July. He put his new grill together and had a nice candle lit dinner on his balcony with Jordan, followed by a face mask session. Rich found out some interesting news about women’s porn habits. Apparently the most looked up words among women are things like “Daddy porn” and “Daddy’s little princess.” The guys discuss and listeners weigh in via the text line.

C&R start off the last hour of the show with some calls. Blind Brian says hi and Spot and the gang try to describe what they look like to him. Chuck from Boston wants to know about the new Faction Talk lineup. Rich bring us news of Zac Efron’s new dreadlocks. Just another thing for the internet to claim people are “up in arms” about when nobody actually cares. More ran-dumb celebrity news, Will Smith pulls a Jim Carrey and says celebrity status doesn’t matter. He’s done it all and wants you to know that the only thing worth pursuing is making someone else’s life better, everything else is a waste of time.

Guest Britney Young from the hit Netflix show Glow joins for the last half of the hour. She talks all things season 2, fan pics, and her audition for the part of Machu Picchu.