Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 7-3-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 7/3/18


Show Topics

  • Rich is calling in from Texas again today. Covino and Spot start the show off by making fun of Jake’s white pants. Covino distinctly remembers the last time he wore white pants, it was back in high school when he was forced to wear them for marching band. He didn’t have a pair of his own white pants so he had to borrow his mom’s. Rich remembers being required to join marching band in high school. He was a nationally ranked drum major.
  • On another note, July 4th isn’t the only anniversary we’re celebrating this week. Today, July 3rd, is the three year anniversary of the Covino & Rich gang moving to LA. Covino, Rich, and Spot reminisce on the long road trip over and all muse on the future of the show and the brand with the new ESPN gig taking front and center. Listeners call and text in to voice their opinions and ask about Spot’s eventual involvement with the ESPN side of things.
  • Rich starts hour two off by telling us all the great things about New Braunfels, Texas. He thinks he’d make a good Texan, plus the donut game there is strong. Rich saw a Pinterest recipe that he wants to make for 4th of July. Liquor infused strawberries with the middles carved out with blue jello shot filling. The photos look impressive but whether or not Rich can actually pull them off is still up in the air. We’ll have to ask him about Dicky’s Dingleberry Shots on Friday when we get back.
  • Covino and Spot share their elevator experience with Mr. Friendly front desk guy and Mr. Jerkoff guy who refused to acknowledge all of the friendliness going around. Rich is a long time watcher of The Bachelor/ette and Covino and Spot have watched some episodes as well. Rich notices that as he gets older, the male contestants seem to get lamer and lamer. Spot’s never seen so many grown men cry about their feelings. One guy even mentioned feeling “body shamed” by the other cast members. For the last part of the hour the guys take some calls, cover ran-dumb news (upside down bikini trend, Australia/Philippines brawl), and Covino gives us a pep talk that references Siamese brothers that are only half gay but share the same butthole.
  • Covino, Rich, and Spot spend the third hour of the show addressing a Friend In Need. A listener wants some advice on how to deal with his wife wanting him to up and move 13 years into their relationship. She wants him to ditch the small business he built from the ground up, even though it support’s them financially, just to move closer to her parents. The guys and the callers weigh in on the situation. Covino, Rich, and Spot all share their own experiences with relocating their relationships.