Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 7-2-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 7/2/18

Show Topics

  • Rich is calling into the show from his in-laws’ home in Texas but he’s full raging because the wifi is acting up. Rich knows there’s someone to blame for this, but definitely not him. Sarah gets to tell her side of the story and listeners weigh in on whether or not Rich is being a dick. Covino and Rich do a little recap of the weekend and talk about their first impressions of their weekend show on ESPN as well as the big news in town, LeBron is heading to LA. Covino reads more feedback from listeners weighing in on Raging Rich Davis.
  • During the second hour Covino, Rich, and Spot discuss questionable news. Over the weekend news came out that “The Electric Boogie” by Bunny Wailer is actually about a vibrator. It makes too much sense and we’re very ready to believe it, too bad Snopes says it isn’t true. Covino wonders who at Snopes thinks they get to decide? We want to go on believing that the song is about a vibrator because it’s just better that way. Next on the list of true or false, breaking news that Covino paid for dinner! For 6 people! Insane. There’s also a video circling around that a guy took during a storm. The video shows what looks like the shadows of human figures walking across the clouds. It looks like it must be edited.
  • Rich tells us a story about someone pooping on the plane on his way to Texas. Covino and Spot discuss Rich’s uncanny ability to poop in public. Spot just can’t get himself to do it. Covino, Rich and Spot spend the rest of the hour discussing men’s bathrooms and the unsavory things they find and/or experience there.
  • During the third hour of the show Covino brings up some recent comments from Hope Solo. She thinks U.S. soccer has become a rich white boy sport. Covino thinks there are too many barriers to entry in both youth soccer and professional soccer. He thinks it’s taking away our edge and our hunger to win, we didn’t even make it to the World Cup this year. Callers weigh in and bring their own anecdotes about the costs of youth sports.