Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 6-29-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 6/29/18


Rachael O’Brien

Show Topics

  • Spot has a big announcement for us today, he’s finally toe fungus free! After years of living with a disgusting toe, he’s finally joined the ranks of the rest of normal-footed folks. Check out the shows Instagram story to see the results for yourself.  Covino and Rich discuss the debut of their new show on ESPN this weekend and Covino discusses the interview he did last night. Covino tells us that he watches Big Brother with Jordyn. Even though he doesn’t really like it, it’s important to show your girl some love and watch her bad reality TV every once and awhile. Plus, he likes how seriously everyone on the show takes themselves. Rich has been watching a lot of porn lately since Sarah and Emmy have been gone for over a week. He’s running out of things to watch and got so bored that he went out and bought himself a new car yesterday. This has us wondering, is it weird to make such a big purchase when your partner isn’t home?
  • On the subject of cars, do you guys have his/her cars or are both cars “our cars”? Callers weigh in. Most people agree that it’s always his and hers. Why is her car always so messy? Rich wants you to tell your girlfriend that she doesn’t have to keep all those empty cups, water bottles, and old CVS receipts.
  • In hour two, the show picks up where it left off and Covino and Rich take more calls from listeners. Listeners talk big purchases, his/hers cars, and their girlfriend’s glove compartments. In the second half of the hour, Covino wants to have a listener intervention for a fan that reached out for advice. Ben needs to ditch his old sunglasses but heard Oakleys are out of style these days and wants to know what to get. Rich thinks that whether or not Oakleys are out of style depends on your geographic location. Oakleys are a no-go on either coast but if you’re somewhere like Texas, Arizona, etc. then you’re good to rock ‘em. Covino disagrees. Callers weigh in to voice their own opinions, some bringing up the fact that it’s only a certain specific style of Oakleys that’s outdated, not the whole brand. Does the brand association as a whole make them a no-go, or is it just that one style we’re all thinking of? Spot and Covino say they’re all bad.
  • Spot starts off the third hour by playing some original Ticklesack music. Then the guys wrap up the Oakleys conversation from last hour just in time to welcome our guest, Rachael O’Brien. Rachael is an up and coming comedian and actress who is also known for her appearances on Vanderpump Rules. Rachael talks to us about her dating life, using the elite dating app Raya, where her confidence comes from, and her hatred for musicals. Covino and Rich bring up the few musical breaks in movies that we can’t help but love, like the ones in Step Brothers and The Break-Up. Last but not least, Rich touches on pet peeves and other little things that just drive us crazy. He can’t stand when Sarah leaves her peanut butter covered knives in the sink.