Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-28-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 6/28/18

Show Topics

  • Today is Throwback Thursday, now sponsored by Dish Network! Covino throws it back to the days of little league baseball. Does anybody else feel like they were better at ball when they were 9? Covino has a realization that subconsciously, he’s constantly impersonating Jimmy Baio as Carmen Ronzonni from Bad News Bears. Then he shares some stories from his little league days. He remembers thinking a kid called himself Slugger and his friend “Major Buddy”, two nicknames he ended up giving to people by mistake after hearing their names incorrectly. Covino and Rich remember that little league taught them how to size people up for the first time, and see how you compare. On that note, the guys share some words of wisdom and tell people not to oversell themselves. Rich says to undersell and let your skills speak for you. He remembers a game of pick up softball where the guy with the most over the top gear was the worst on the field. Don’t be that guy. Some listeners finish up the hour with stories of their own.
  • Rich starts hour two of this Throwback Thursday reminiscing about old radio. The guys continue their reminiscing about the golden days of little league and Rich remembers getting stuck with the Ned Flanders of coaches. The guys move on to the topic of network television. Remember all those commercial for local car dealers? Well our SoCal listeners remember good old Cal Worthington and his Dog Spot, an apparently infamous car dealer that everyone remembers. He was so popular that Snoop Dogg volunteered to replace him in the commercials once he passed away. RIP. Spot also wonders how all these people get their own low budget shows on network television. How do people get their own low budget cooking shows? Can he get a low budget cooking show? There are also so many game shows on, it feels like every day a new one pops up. None of our game shows will ever be as good as Chinese and Japanese game shows unfortunately. The guys discuss some of the more absurd ones out there, like that slippery staircase show and Hole In The Wall. Covino brings up a situation with Melody and the guys spend the last part of the hour talking about how and when to discipline your kids.
  • For the third hour of this Throwback Thursday show Rich touches on some old Nintendo games like Contra, Double Dragon, and Kung Fu. He throws it back to the year 2006 and reminisces about what the show-and life- was like back then. Then the guys throw the conversation back to how Covino, and parents and general, should discipline their kids. The topic takes up most of the hour and the guys weigh things like the importance of following through on threats and repercussions, how to deal with issues as a single parent, and what to do when your co-parent or ex won’t back you up. A lot of listeners call in to discuss their own parenting issues, experiences as smart-ass kids, and general advice on the subject.