Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 6-4-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 6/4/18

Show Topics

  • Rich is feeling a bit of FOMO this morning because Covino and Spot went to a party at Maria Menounos’s house on Saturday where they met none other than Sylvester Stallone! According to the two of them, when he walked in everyone noticed and Covino and Spot even got to swap stories with him over cigars. Stallone is one of those names that when you hear it you think GREAT! He’s way above almost any other celebrity just based on his work, so to be able to say they met him at a Luau party at Menounos’s house is a pretty big deal.
  • Rich had quite the opposite Saturday night from the other guys; he is still in Texas and spent the night out with a few friends for a birthday celebration. When their meal came to an end and he went to pay he couldn’t find his wallet though. He looked all over the table, under the table, looked in the bathroom, and even spent a while digging through the garbage cans in the kitchen just because he didn’t want to lose it. He had just about given up when the manager said they could look at the security footage. That was when he saw his buddy, who had already had a few drinks, pick up both their wallets and put them in his pockets. Rich was mad, but relieved to know that he hadn’t lost all his stuff, and couldn’t really stay angry at the guy because it was his birthday.
  • A friend in need comes up involving our buddy Donny up in Ottawa. One of his daughters has decided to stop eating meat after one of her teachers explained that animals have to suffer so that we can eat them. Is that crossing the line? Donny was pretty upset that a teacher basically told his daughter to stop eating meat, but it was learned behavior from a school situation. It seems like a bit of an overreaction on his part, even though a lot of the CARLs think the teacher was out of line.
  • Another friend in need comes up from a listener involving his in-laws. A while back his in-laws had said that they were going to sell their home and just build a new one on his land, and he jokingly agreed thinking the whole thing was fake. Now both his wife and her in-laws are planning on going through with it, and they’ve even put their house on the market. Is it too late for him to say no?