Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 5-22-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 5/22/18

Show Topics

  • Rich thinks the NBA playoffs have been complete garbage so he watched American Idol instead. He thinks a couple of the contestants will have some mainstream hits. Covino on the other hand has been enjoying the basketball games. He thinks they’ve been close games – Rich thinks he’s delusional because all of the games have been blowouts.
  • Generational sense of urgency – Covino’s brother Tommy is completely babied by their dad, Big Steve. Big Steve doesn’t ask for anything, but when he went out of town a few days ago he asked Tommy if he could pick them up from the airport when they got back. When Big Steve landed, Tommy was nowhere to be found and wasn’t answering his phone. When he finally got to answering his phone he told his parents to relax that he was late because he was using the bathroom. Big Steve couldn’t believe that this was a valid excuse for Tommy. It brings up the issue of the sense of urgency in the younger generations and how there really isn’t any. The dynamics of the generations are very different.
  • Regal Beagle – In 2015 a beagle was found in the woods of Kentucky. He was taken to a shelter where no one wanted him so he was set be euthanized. After hearing the dog’s story, a beagle rescue in Canada contacted the shelter and with some help along the way, the dog was transported to the Toronto rescue. This dog is Meghan Markle’s dog and he got to attend the wedding along with the royal corgis. Rich wasn’t sure if the story was real or not – but he sure loved it.
  • Rich’s weakness – Rich is always drawn to shows about time travel. There is a new one coming out in the Fall called “Manifest,” about a plane that lands but when the passengers get off their flight, 5 years have passed and their lives have completely changed. He’s really excited it for it but he’s starting to lean on the same side of Covino where it’s hard to attach to network television because great shows will get cancelled at the drop of the hat.
  • Dicky’s Deep Thoughts – Rich just realized that it took a specific set of circumstances for his life to turn out the way it did and to have the kid that he has. If he would have conceived just minutes before or after, Emmy wouldn’t be Emmy. Emmy might not even be here if anything happened differently.
  • Aging – Covino saw a recent photo of Jet Li, he looks so old. Covino can’t believe that it’s the same guy that sat in their studio not too long ago. It made Covino really sad and think about how much aging sucks, he wants to live forever.
  • Remarketing – Covino has noticed remarketing/rebranding tactics, two in particular. Television vs Display when purchasing a television – When purchasing a 65 inch television you are purchasing a device with a tuner in it. When you are purchasing 65 inch display there is no tuner. The second thing he noticed is the umbrella term EDM for techno, electronica, house music, etc. Not long ago techno was considered lame, but now that it’s called EDM everyone seems to be into it. Rich chimes in with his own rebranding/remarketing observations with the Seattle Seahawks. He thinks they are a prime example of a lame team that really turned everything around with their brand and wins.