Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 5-21-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 5/21/18 

Show Topics

Spot, Rich, and Covino are already arguing first thing in the morning. Covino, Rich, and Spot put in a request for new production months ago and they still haven’t received it. Apparently it is because the voice guy is on paternity leave – there is nothing Spot can do about that. On top of that, C&R want their convention to be the biggest ever but from a logistical standpoint it is a little late to start adding a ton more people. Covino and Rich don’t understand Spot’s resistance. Spot isn’t resistant, he just wants to be able to accommodate and plan appropriately.

Covino & Rich hosted a VW event – They got to interview a bunch a people, meet up with listeners, and make some new friends. Covino always has some anxiety about doing these events but once he does them he has a lot of fun. Rich isn’t sure who VW’s target customer is. He always imagines that VW targets a young 20 year old girl.

DIY Covino – Covino bought a side table that he really like but it doesn’t match with the rest of his furniture. He is doesn’t know if he should leave it the way it is or try to stain it himself. Spot is convinced that Covino can’t get it to match the rest of his furniture and Rich says it’s okay if not every piece of furniture matches in color. In that same vein, Covino finally got his sleep number delivered and had to give the delivery guys his wifi password so they could set up his bed. He was embarrassed by his own password and didn’t want to give it to them.

Uber mistake – Covino’s brother Tommy got mistaken for an Uber driver but he through he was getting robbed. Tommy was taking over his father’s deliveries while he is out of town and a random woman got in his car and told him to drive. Tommy told her to get out of his car but she kept telling him to drive. He finally realized that she was not robbing but had mistaken him for her uber driver. Tommy kept having to tell her to get out of the car and that he wasn’t her Uber.

Royal wedding – Rich thinks everything Royal Wedding related is boring. The only thing he finds interesting is all the things Megan Markle isn’t allowed to do anymore. She can’t take selfies, go out in public completely alone, she can’t sign autographs, show PDA, use social media, wear dark/colorful nail polish, go to bed/finish eating before the queen. Rich is intrigued by all of the normal-people things she is giving up to be married to Harry.

Schmoopy Rich – Sara called Rich the “sweetest bobo” after he got into a mini argument at his Sunday softball name. Rich and his softball league had a game yesterday and they were having a fun time goofing around singing in the outfield. Someone on the other team complained to the umpire that they shouldn’t be singing in the outfield. Rich’s team thought it was funny that this guy was so annoyed by them having a good time.  When this guy was up to bat, he hit a homerun and rounded the bases. When he passed Rich he muttered under his breath and Rich called him a “Lame-o” for being so annoyed. The guy started mean mugging Rich. Sara thought it was silly and cute. Rich got more offended by that than the guy who was complaining.

Santa Fe school shooting – Covino and Rich recap some of the details of the Santa Fe school shooting. Covino thinks that until there is some control on what is happening with these school shootings, people’s rights don’t matter. They need to stop children dying first. Rich thinks that kids are not being encouraged enough to report things on social media, especially because this particular shooter had violent and questionable social media posts. C&R believe there need to be consequences for social media behavior and parents need to be held accountable.