Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 5-10-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 5/10/18

Show Topics

  • We’re ready to throw it back once again on a Thursday here, and we’re talking all things Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, pop stars, and work! How come in the 80s you could be a successful pop star and still be 80 years old? Peter Gabriel did it! Also, why were the rules for work so different back then? Covino used to work on his aunt’s farm and with his dad at stocking vending machines, while Rich was building houses at age 14 (probably).
  • When does being the cool aunt, uncle, or grandparent go too far? They are always the ones to take the niece or nephew out for ice cream and candy, sort of like a one-time-doozy situation. Why is it though, that some parents have a problem with that? Some parents act so pretentious that they won’t even let their son or daughter play in a puddle with their uncle!
  • How do most people feel about grace? Some people say it at every meal and others never say it at all, but where the controversy comes up today is what is the right way to deal with someone else asking to say it in your home. Do you simply go along with it? Or do you ask them not to? It seems like the polite thing to do would be to just go along with it.
  • There’s a thin line between loving something and hating it, and a perfect example of this would be Lebron James. When he first started, and was calling himself the best, both Rich and Covino couldn’t stand him. Now, after seeing all that he’s done for Cleveland and for his family, you can’t help but root for him! Another example would be Anthony Bourdain; when Covino first saw him he thought he was arrogant and rude, now that he watches the show he thinks he’s AWESOME!