Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 5-8-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 5/8/18

Show Topics

It’s time for another edition of “You Make the Call” because Rich’s phone screen was cracked and we need to figure out whose fault it was. The other day the guys were walking and Spot made a joke, at which Covino laughed. Only thing is that he laughed so hard he made Rich drop his phone, which caused the screen to crack. So whose fault is it? Covino’s for making Rich drop his phone or Rich for not holding on to his phone tight enough.

There’s a new “challenge” out there that all the kids are doing called the “Spray Deodorant Challenge” basically where teenagers are using the spray on themselves until it burns. This is clearly a terrible idea, and it is scarring the kids who are participating. There always seems to be a dumb new trend out there, similar to the Tide Pods Challenge, and it’s all so that the kid can get their 15 seconds of fame.

Covino doesn’t get the whole “dressing up for the Kentucky Derby” thing. It seems like it’s a bunch of people standing around pretending to be other people. They wear these beautiful dresses, and act classy and sophisticated and then the next day are back to posting photos of themselves naked on Instagram. Do people just go to events like this for the photo now? Sort of like how a lot of people go to Coachella just to say they were there.

DJ Khaled said in an interview from 2014 that he does not “go down” on his wife, and now celebs like Evan Rachel Wood and Dwayne Johnson are calling him out for it. It makes him seem arrogant and selfish to say that he feels he is a king and shouldn’t have to do stuff like that, but it could also just be because he doesn’t enjoy oral sex. What if it’s some sort of uncomfortable situation that he can’t bring up?