Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 5-7-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 5/7/18


Show Topics

  • Covino spent his weekend trying to explore his new Encino neighborhood, and found a restaurant that SAID they were showing the GGG fight. Turns out they weren’t, they showed cornhole instead, which seems to be the new popular sport on ESPN. Maybe it’s popular because it’s a sport any person can play, but will there come a day when cornhole is more popular than the NFL?
  • Rich went to Las Vegas this weekend for Narzan’s big birthday bash, and had quite the experience. First they went to Sapphire, the strip club, during the day and realized that you should never go to a strip club during the day because it ruins the image of it. Later on in the night the group went to a place Rich had only heard rumors about up this point, called The Green Door.  It is a swinger’s club, but one that pushed it to the max. Rich walked around as people openly had sex, gang banged, and masturbated throughout the entire “club” all night. It was fascinating, horrifying, and strange all at the same time. The big takeaway from the experience was that there were #SoManyPenii and it’s crazy how open some people are sexually.
  • A friend in need comes up involving an uncle and his 4-year-old niece. Basically she was playing with him and tried to stick her finger in his butthole. Now the guy doesn’t know whether he should tell the mom what happened, or just leave the whole situation alone. What if the daughter brings it up to the mom? Should he try to get ahead of the curve on this one?
  • In the NFL when a quarterback retires or is traded, is he obligated to stay faithful to that team forever? For example, if Tom Brady decided to retire, could he only root for the Patriots for the rest of his life? Or is he allowed to pick and choose what he likes? It sort of seems like an old college alumni coming back to their school after they’ve graduated; they had their time, now it’s time to move on.