Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 4-9-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 4/9/18

 Show Topics

  • It’s Covino’s last day in Idaho and he’s here to recap us all about his weekend spent there. He went on a trampoline for the first time ever, and it was fantastic! He also went to a Cracker Barrel and a Cabela’s Sporting Goods for the first time as well, basically he’s turning into Americana Steve. When Jordyn took him to Big Al’s Bowl-a-rama he wanted to make up for all his trampoline fails though, and showed off his big bowler skills. He was in the zone when a family of Latinos jumped into the next lane and totally threw him off his game. He was so angry, he even began to write off HIS OWN PEOPLE! There is a level of bowling etiquette that has to be observed, and this family of Vatos was not even trying to be polite. Jordyn checks in to give us her thoughts on how the whole trip went, which she says was an overall success. Her family all seem to love him, which means Charming Steve totally worked! The only one he has left to impress is her Grandmother.
  • There’s a new product out that is claiming to help women feel more confidant, and increase sexual chemistry with their male counterparts. They’re called Lorals and they are basically a thin latex pair of panties that allow you to feel fresh and clean even when you may not be. It seems sort of pointless, and if anything, it seems like a way of saying you have a dirty vagina! There’s almost no way this will work right? On another note, there’s a new study saying that more women are having orgasms after core workouts. There’s even a catchy name for it: the core-gasm! That would be a perfect scenario for the 30 second shower right? Basically, you jump in the shower just to rinse your junk and then jump out to dry off. The idea is totally foreign to Spot, but maybe a perfect way to spice things up!


  • Tipping is the big discussion of the day after a thread on the CARL page caused a big debate over when tipping is appropriate and how much you should tip in general. The standard practice is to tip 20% on the bill, but some people seem to have a problem with that. If you’re buying a $300 steak dinner, and tip $10 you’re totally wrong in your ways. The reason you tip more at nicer restaurants is because generally the service, food, and staff are all of a higher caliber. Even on the off chance that you get bad service, it could be due to under staffing, or something could of happened that day to cause them to be in a bad mood.