Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 4-5-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 4/5/18


Show Topics

  • Covino is LIVE from Idaho today and ready to fill us in on his trip up there last night. The 13 hour drive was great, and full of lots of great scenery, but here’s the kicker, COVINO didn’t drive at all the entire way! On the drive they listened to mostly country music, and while Covino’s not a huge fan, he did find a few songs that he enjoys. Could this be the dawn of a new country-loving Covino?
  • There’s a lot of drama in the world, like Katy Perry and her fans arguing over anxiety, but the biggest drama story out there is Sebastian Maniscalco and Andrew Dice Clay. Dice Clay is saying that Maniscalco never showed him any thanks for allowing him to get his start in the comedy world, but it seems like that’s not true. When Maniscalco was on our show he even said there’s a chapter where he thanks Dice Clay in his new book. We all have someone who gave us a shot to come up; Rich got his start through Kid Kelly and would have to thank him for that. But that doesn’t mean for the rest of your life, any opportunity you get has to be connected to them.


  • Rich’s mom is convinced that her mother-in-law is trying to kill her, and has reasons why. First, the mother-in-law and her “gang” of friends go around stealing her stuff (or so she says, then they apparently pick up dog crap outside and hide it in the house, and lastly the mother-in-law goes into her room and cuts up her bras. Is that enough evidence? Either way, it seems like this mother-in-law has a problem with Rich’s mom!
  • There was a huge DRAMA show yesterday on the CARLs page, when Rich decided to leave the page altogether. He was tired of hearing nothing but negative feedback, and wanted a break from it all. Plus, he had just gotten into a heated debate with a guy who wasn’t actually even a real listener of the show. Was that the best way to deal with this? It does seem like the guys are very interactive and almost accessible at all times, so maybe a break from it all will be a good thing.