Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 4-4-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 4/4/18


Show Topics

  • Roseanne seems to be the biggest thing on TV right now, so why not start with a bit about her. She and John Goodman were on Jimmy Kimmel recently, and things got a little awkward when Kimmel brought up politics and Trump. Barr defended her support for Trump by saying that he’s a better option than Mike Pence, and that Kimmel shouldn’t try to stir the pot with his guests like this. She believes that politics have changed too much over the years and just want them to go back to the way they were.


  • Last night at the Yankees Home Opener Giancarlo Stanton had a terrible night, going 0-5 on at-bats and getting booed off by the home crowd. Is that too much for a crowd to do to a new player? Stanton was the MVP last season, and hit two home runs in his first game with the Yankees, away in Toronto. Shouldn’t that be enough though? Every player has off days, and it just seems like this was one for Stanton, but for fans to be saying he needs to earn his pinstripes is a little absurd. Also, do we have a problem with John Sterling’s home run phrase for Stanton? He’s come up with signature phrases for every Yankee, but Stanton’s doesn’t seem to work. It’s an Italian saying, but Stanton isn’t even Italian, and even fans of the team are asking him to rethink it. Lastly in sports, do people have a problem when a team starts to get good and bandwagon fans start to show up? It shouldn’t be an issue, but the team should show love to their fans who have been there from the start.


  • There’s a restaurant in Toronto called Antler that is causing quite a stir. A vegan protest started outside of the restaurant, to which the head chef responded by cutting up a deer leg in the front window. The video itself actually looks pretty funny, but the conversation is should you be able to push your own values onto others who haven’t asked for it? Not everyone out there is a vegan, or even believes in vegan values, so trying to make a local restaurant suffer financially for their own gain seems a little selfish. The other thing is that the protesters specifically targeted this restaurant because it was a mom-and-pop restaurant, and felt like they wouldn’t of had as big of an effect at a big chain corporation. Isn’t that sort of like targeting and going after the little guy though?


  • What do you put on you burger? Is there anything that you think is too much or are toppings all the same and don’t necessarily even matter? There was a thread on the CARL page which claimed that a burger, when cooked right, shouldn’t need any sort of toppings. Is that absurd? Or should it totally be users choice when it comes to how their burger is cooked and prepared. Medium rare or well-done, how ever you take your burger is up to you.


  • Covino is heading to Idaho after the show to meet Jordyn’s family, but has a 13 hour drive ahead of him before he arrives. What should Cove expect when he gets to Boise, will it be all fun and games, or will it be like the Mexican version of Get Out? He thinks he gets along with families pretty well, and even still keeps in touch with his ex’s in-laws so he doesn’t think this trip will be an issue at all, as long as he watches what he says around her father.
  • Who do you think will be the next one in the group to have a baby? Will it be Rich having another infant so soon after the first? Covino, whose biological clock is ticking and whose girlfriend seems to have baby fever? Or will it be Spot, who’s the only one actively trying at the moment? Rich’s theory is that it’ll be Spot, then Covino, then himself, but no matter what within the next two years they will all be dads.