Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 3-28-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 3/28/18


Show Topics

  • The big story from last night: Roseanne is Back! The show returned to ABC last night, and seems to be a success so far. It’s a reboot of the old show, but with new twists and characters onboard, including her eccentric grandson. The other big reveal from the show is that much like her real life political views, Roseanne’s character is a big Trump supporter. Will the show be a success? And if it is, will more reboots be happening very soon? That seems to be where the entertainment world is heading now.
  • Rich has another observation that goes along with his Asian Burping Masseuse story from yesterday. Are all Asian cultures finding success I the food industry? Chinese food was definitely the first one to break the barrier for food, but since then Japanese, Vietnamese, and the latest trend Korean BBQ have all found success in the US market. General Tso’s chicken, the most popular food dish in Chinese food will soon be the staple for all of these, but what will be the next food to make it big? Mongolian? Or maybe Malaysian?
  • There’s quite a few Ran-dumb-news stories out there today, but we’re going to get to all of them for sure. The NFL is implementing some new rules, and players aren’t happy. Button down shirts may be going out of style soon according to Covino, and nut-nados are the new viral trend. Glitter beer is a thing that has started, and it reminds the guys of when Unicorn Frappuccinos were all the rage. Mike Judge wants to bring back King of the Hill, as well as potentially Beavis and Butthead, which has Covino very excited.
  • Mommy makeovers seem to be a big trend today, where a mother will get an easy tummy tuck or boob job after they’ve had kids to look good and keep themselves attractive for their husbands. Women shouldn’t push it too far though, because there is definitely an “overboard” amount you can reach if you aren’t careful. Should women be 100% OK with getting work done? Or should they try to keep it natural? There’s nothing wrong with a natural body as long as you keep in OK shape.