Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 3-27-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 3/27/18


Show Topics

  • We’re starting off today where we left off yesterday, with a scandal involving Fred Savage. A make-up artist accused him of mistreating her, but according to an investigation nothing of merit was found. Is that just the way we are heading though? Where no one can take any sort of criticism at work at all without involving HR and potentially getting someone fired. The new “Butthurt” movement of 2018 is showing how sensitive the “weenial” generation is, and while equality in the workplace is extremely important, let’s not confuse that with hierarchy in the work place. A boss, and a new hire clearly are not going to be treated the same way. It’s the same way a football coach treats his players, a little tough love goes a long way.
  • Rich went to get a massage at the mall the other day, and got a male Asian masseuse. He typically goes with the male masseuse because they get into all the muscles, but this guy was different. He was an older guy and he gave Rich the best chair massage he’s ever gotten. Only issue though, the guy kept burping throughout the entire massage. Rich didn’t even want to breathe in because he thought he smell Lo Mein or Dumplings.  What does he do when he goes back though? Does he bring it up? Or just try to get a different guy.
  • Covino has been dealing with credit card people all day today, and he’s sick of it. They are claiming that he still owes them money on a credit card he paid off months ago. The situation was that he paid the bill in full, then they sent him a check for the amount he overpaid. Now, months later they are claiming he still owes $69, which is the exact amount they refunded him from the start. Now, they’ve also started to mess with his credit, which he is not happy about!
  • Sean Penn was on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and began smoking a cigarette, to which Colbert responded that he should stop because we all want him to be around for a long time. Why are there still big smokers out there? It feels like with the known health risks associated with smoking everyone would’ve stopped already, but the older generation definitely has a harder time kicking the habit because they grew up with it. Also, at casinos people still smoke inside, and blow the smoke in your face, which is one of the most disrespectful things you could possibly do.
  • There’s a new question that is going to break the internet just like our Blue Cheese or Ranch question did. Do you eat cake with a fork or a spoon? A fork right? Well, what about ice cream cake? You eat ice cream with a spoon, so wouldn’t you do the same with ice cream cake? But regular cake you can’t really “stab” with a spoon the same way you would with a fork.