Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 3-26-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 3/26/18


Jason Isaacs promoting “The Death of Stalin”

Show Topics

  • The guys were in Las Vegas this past weekend and are ready to recap the whole thing. What should have been a four hour drive back to Los Angeles turned into a 7 hour drive with the traffic. We got a lot of feedback from listeners and fans there, and afterwards were even able to see a Lenny Kravitz show. Do you think a big name like that makes a lot off of these type of events? Apparently he makes somewhere in the range 0f $500k to perform there, which is way more than Covino or Rich expected. Also while in Vegas, Rich placed a last minute bet with his last $20 in roulette after losing $500 and ended up winning $700!


  • Jason Isaacs is here to talk about his new film “The Death of Stalin” as well as his long career of memorable roles in the film industry. Our favorite role of his was in The Patriot, where his big line “stupid boy” was actually during an improvised scene. His new film is a satirical take on the death of Joseph Stalin and has been generating a lot of feedback. He also tells us his opinion on the whole Trump-Stormy Daniels situation, and ends up angering quite a few listeners.
  • Rich apparently thinks licking a toilet seat is a 100% OK thing if you totally cleaned and bleached it. Everyone else knows that it is crazy, but Rich is convinced that there are a lot of worse things you could do than lick a cleaned toilet seat. If you fully clean and bleach it though, does that make it any different from licking a counter top?
  • There’s a video going around of a woman accusing Fred Savage of harassing her on the set of the TV show The Grinder. From what we understand though, it sounds like Savage was just a bit rude to her, and now she has taken it to the extreme level of looping him in with the #MeToo movement and we couldn’t be more upset. She took a situation that was nothing more than a boss being mean, and looped him in with sexual predators and rapists.