Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 3-23-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 3/23/18


Show Topics

  • The guys are in Vegas for the weekend, and drove out there last night. Jordyn tagged along for this trip, and had some interesting theories along the ride there. She believed that dark buttholes were due to people not wiping correctly…which blows the guys’ minds. Clearly she fits in perfectly with the king of dumb thoughts, Covino, but it was still shocking to find out that she believed that for so long. Going along with this, do you know of anyone who believes something so outrageous? According to our listeners, a lot of people don’t understand time zones and how they work.
  • A friend in need comes up regarding a guy who doesn’t know if his wife is cheating on him or not. They’ve been together for 10 years, and recently she’s been acting really suspicious. She stays out late with work friends, and now is going on a trip to Miami “to see family.” Only issue is she packed her sexy panties to take along with her. Is she really going on a trip with someone else? Or is she just making excuses to go cheat on ‘Gustavo’ her husband? This seems like a really shady situation, and the outcome seems like anything but nice. Everyone thinks that he should leave her, because this is clearly her cheating on him. He even later found out that the “work friends” she was staying out late with was just one guy named Mike, so the situation just seems to be getting worse and worse.
  • Random news updates for the day: Atari is trying to make a comeback with a new system but the same old school games. Will anyone play them or even buy the system? It seems like a great idea for anyone who loves classic arcade games. Ketchup slices are a new product that combine the ease of packaged cheese slices, with the necessity of ketchup. We didn’t realize that many people used ketchup, but apparently there are weirdos out there who obsess about it. Big Papi is in a turbulent situation, Byron Allen bought the Weather Channel, and Rich got schemed into buying a CBD oil that was three times the price of his typical one because the sales girl was a HOTTIE!